When your Russian clone attacks the White House, wearing your signature outfit, you know there are going to be consequences, and not good ones.  Supergirl is declared Public Enemy Number One. And it’s all thanks to Lex Luthor, who does not appear in this episode for some reason.  And I didn’t like that.  The episode was more exposition than excitement.

We find out that Miss Tessmacher shot Jimmy Olsen.  And though Lena’s miracle serum totally cures him, within a day, Jimmy’s got deep emotional scars that even a super serum apparently can’t heal.   BooHoo Jimmy, so now you’ve got angst. But did the serum give you super powers?  What about answering that big question?

And we finally see Lex and Lena’s Mom again.  She’s in jail.  But seeing her just makes me wonder about Alex and Kara’s Dad, who Lady Luthor kidnapped and experimented on at Cadmus.  No one seems to care about what’s happening with him. He went missing about two season ago,  and no real effort has been made to find him, or finish his story arch.  So I guess it’s the ‘out-of-sight-out-of-mind’ scenario.

Here’s the promo for next week’s episode…


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