Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase Blu-ray Review

I really liked Nancy Drew and the Hidden Staircase. This was a wonderful modernization of the teen sleuth for today’s kids. It’s empowering to show how Nancy (Sophia Lillis) puts the clues together in a deductive way that anyone else could aspire to if they just paid attention. It’s also just a lovely group of kids and some grown-up mentors that I hope get a whole franchise of movies.

The Blu-ray looks bright and sunny, except for the scary parts that are supposed to look dark and spooky. Pink Elms especially bright with the pink flamingos and pedals on the lawn, and Nancy’s blue outfits and blue bully Derek (Evan Castelloe) really stand out.

There are two bonus features on the Blu-ray. A nine minute featurette has the cast reflect on reading Nancy Drew and all the powerful women she inspired. I’m glad they embraced the feminism of this movie. Another four and a half minute featurette takes you inside the mansion and it’s hosted by Linda Lavin herself!

The gag reel is extra cute because they’re kids. I just love the joy and friendship of this movie so I highly recommend it.