Clint Eastwood returned to the screen in his latest movie The Mule, loosely based on the true story of a 90-year-old drug mule for the cartels. It was a good role that took a lot of liberties with the true story but showed a man gaining some perspective very late in life.

The Blu-ray for The Mule is more colorful than most recent Eastwood directed movies with the green on the open road and his garden. For many films he was toning down the colors so it almost looked black and white. It still looks stark when he’s face to face with drug dealers, the law or his family he’s neglected.

Typical of Clint movies, there are only sparse extras. An 11 minute behind the scene features covers the making of the film in even shorter time, but there’s a lot of admiration for Clint among the cast.  Appropriately, the biggest production hurdle was horticultural. It’s cool they used wardrobe from other Clint movies.

A Toby Keith Video is all scenes from the movie so it’s a nice montage.

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