Barry’s a Bad Dad y’all! In this episode we found out why Nora turned away from her family and trusted the Reverse Flash.  She was lied to her whole life, by her entire family.  So when she accidentally learns the truth; that her dearly departed Dad was actually the Flash, and that everyone she loved conspired to suppress her speed powers.  Nora’s whole world is rocked. So who else could teach her to be a speedster?

Then Nora’s best friend and co-worker gets killed by an evil speedster named Godspeed.  So when The Reverse Flash shows Nora how to catch Godspeed and bring him to justice, of course he wins her trust.  In other words, let the manipulation begin.

But Barry’s feelings are hurt, so he’s not buying any of it.  And in a harsh one-on-one confrontation, he tells his daughter he can’t trust her.  And then he super-speeds Nora back to the future, banishing her there, without consulting Iris or anyone.   Now that’s tough love, without the actual love part.  And that’s why I’m not a fan of this episode.  They turned ‘look-on-the-bright-side Barry Allen’ into a reactionary jerk. And isn’t parenting a partnership? So next week, expect Iris to be really pissed off.