Yikes, that finale felt contrived and rushed, to say the least.  And my guess is that because Emily Bett Rickards unexpectedly quit the show,  they had to shoe-horn in two emotional exits for Felicity.  One that takes place in the present,  and one that happens in the future. Cutting back on the time they needed to wrap up the whole Emiko storyline.

So, as a result of the abbreviated time they had to spend on Emiko, she had an unrealistic change of heart, right before she died in Oliver’s arms. Which made no sense, given that she just tried to kill Oliver last episode, admitted to killing Oliver’s Dad, and in this episode she was all about killing people with a flesh-eating virus. So making the evil-to-good flip flop felt like it came out of nowhere, which made Emiko’s death scene a what-the-hell-just-happened moment, when it should have been heartfelt.

Then Oliver and Felicity dump Team Arrow for the quiet country life.  They have the kid, Mia.  Then out of the blue, The Monitor shows up and takes Oliver away.  The Monitor is that intergalactic dude that Oliver made a deal with in the crossover, to save Barry and Kara’s life.  Leaving Felicity to raise their daughter alone.  So what happens next season? Your guess is as good as mine.