Is this guy the next big screen Bruce Wayne/Batman?  Well that’s the buzz! I guess vampires do become bats… But hold on, contracts haven’t been signed yet, so it’s not a done deal.  But Robert Pattinson is said to be the top choice for Matt Reeves’ THE BATMAN.  Scheduled to hit theaters June 25,2021.  It’s the story of Batman’s early years, as a superhero and a super sleuth.  After all, the guy dressed as a bat is also supposed to be the world’s greatest detective.

If Pattinson does get the role, I’m all for it.  I think he’ll do a great job,  if there’s a great script and the director is on point.  But haters are always going to hate.  When Heath Ledger was cast as the Joker, after he’d done ‘Brokeback Mountain’,  everybody lost their minds. And way back when comedic Michael Keaton got the Batman role after being ‘Beetlejuice’ and ‘Mister Mom’, people went nuts. So chill everybody… Take a deep breath, everything’s going to be fine…

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