Happy Death Day 2U Blu-ray Review: Relive It In HD

Happy Death Day was a pleasant surprise, a Groundhog Day horror movie that really worked. The sequel Happy Death Day 2U takes it to the next level. Not only is the day repeating, but there’s a multiverse of alternate days.

Happy Death Day 2U really plays with the different ways this premise can work, first with a different protagonist experiencing it, then with Tree (Jessica Rothe) forced back into yesterday. She’s so angry and frustrated, but eventually torn when she learns it’s a different version of the day, one in which her mother is still live.

I love the faces Rothe makes. She is rightfully annoyed to be back in the day she survived a dozen times, and when she just intentionally resets over and over, her mugging is endearing. I really can’t wait to see what she does next.

Happy Death Day 2U is a splashy studio movie so the Blu-ray looks great with bright green campus and as much blood as they can spill in a PG-13. Subtler details you notice in HD include the pink of Rothe’s eyes when she has the emotional talk with her mom.

In the bonus features, it’s helpful that they added a Play All feature. In the gag reel I love when Rothe’s face breaks or she tries other faces. One deleted scene sets up the MRI machine as a magnet so yeah, we didn’t need that. We’re all smart enough to get the shorthand and we’ve seen enough ER and House.

Brief two minute bonus features are enough to show the cast and creators at work. They seem lovely taking the material seriously but having fun with it. That’s about all you can glean from two minutes.