KRYPTON: Ep 2.1 Quick Review & Promo

I HATE CLIFFHANGERS, because if a show ends up getting cancelled you’re just left hanging there, like forever.  But if the show does come back, then you have to spend time clearing up all the cliffhanger scenarios before you move forward.  So conder this episode of Krypton a clean-up episode.

Six months have passed, under Zod rule, and everything is as messed up as you’d expect it to be. Krypton is now a military-run dictatorship. And ‘Kneel before Zod’ is the new command credo.  I mean, Zod just seems to love saying that.  Seg-el and Brainiac are stuck in the phantom zone.  And Adam Strange is marooned on future Earth, which was also conquered by Zod, just before being collected by future Brainiac.

But luckily, Adam is able to make it back to Krypton using the zeta beam. And, small world,  he runs into Nyssa and grandpa Val-el, who are now rebel leaders. But things quickly go bananas when Lyta shows up and starts shooting at absolutely everyone, including Nyssa’s d-bag Dad, who gets his head blown off. She’s gone over to the dark side, because General Zod is her son from the future.  So Lyta, and grown son turned dictator, kidnap Nyssa and the baby that she had with Seg-el.

Meanwhile, Brainiac tricks Seg-el into breaking them both out of the phantom zone, with the sun stone he forgot he had.  Then they somehow end up on Brainiac’s home world, and Brainiac suggests an alliance.  But Seg-el doesn’t want any part of that and kills Brainiac.   And that’s when Adam Strange Zeta-beams in to save Seg.  But as luck would have it, they end up getting knocked out and and capturedby Lobo.

And yeah, that all happened in one episode.  But I liked it, and want to see more.  Because I don’t think Brainiac is really dead.  I think he somehow merged with Seg-el.  Which we’ll probably find out once Adam Strange zeta-beams them both back to Krypton.  And can Seg-el save Nyssa and their baby?  Can he defeat General Zod and save Lyta from herself?  And Doomsday is still out there, causing havoc on Krypton’s colonized moon. So can Seg-el stop Doomsday? And what about Lobo?