Shazam continues the fun on Blu-ray. You can not only watch the movie over and over again in high definition, but see fun scenes that didn’t make it into the film. The bonus features have the same sense of fun as the movie too.

Shazam is a bright colorful superhero movie. The big red suit would glow even if it didn’t have the lightning bolt. You’ll see more bright colors in the toy store, with the crisp winter streets of Philly and Toronto. The dark scary monster stuff holds up in the Rock of Eternity and The Seven Deadly Sins emerging throughout the movie.

A new motion comic in the actors’ likenesses also has brilliant colors. It shows a new mission now that all the kids have powers

Behind the scenes features shows previs of bus sequence, Levi’s audition for Freddie’s adult counterpart before being cast as Shazam. There’s a lot on the electronic lightning bolt and Levi’s endearing attitude on the set.

37 minutes of deleted and alternate scenes include a completely different opening that shows Thad’s family troubles at home. Some moments got shuffled into other scenes. A lot of scenes got completely redone so this shows how directors adapt to the needs of the film. Thad bringing the Seven Sins home is just as cool as the boardroom, if they’d finished it. They play it more implied so in this case showing the monsters was better.

The whole carnival finale got bigger but there are some cool beats in the original. There’s a nice Mary moment, inessential but good character beat. You’ll love the Darla tea Party too, and extra montage shots testing Shazam’s powers.

Five minutes on Who is Shazam is a good crash course on the history of the character in the comics. The carnival scene study is like one of Robert Rodriguez’s 10 minute film schools. It’s exactly 10 minutes and shows the interaction of elements of fight choreography and visual effects including digital doubles and the Ferris wheel stunt. Shazamily Values goes into the double casting of each kid and their superhero counterpart.