SYFY: On Wednesday night, August 14th, we get to see Krypton’s 2nd season finale.  And I can’t wait!  Its ten episode season comes to a close, and it was so totally bad-ass!  We got General Zod, Lobo, Doomsday, and Brainiac.  What more can a Superman fan ask for?

But it wasn’t all good news, as  a beloved series regular made the ultimate sacrifice last week to save Seg-el, Superman’s grandfather. Ensuring that Kal-el will someday be born.  Way to take one for the team!

We also met baby Jor-el, the son of Seg-el and Nyssa-Vex. So Superman won’t have any Zod DNA after all.  Thank Rao, that’s a relief.   Though the last time we saw baby Jor-el, he had been kidnapped by Brainiac.  So, fingers crossed, we get a third season to work that out.  And looks like Adam Strange will finally get his signature red jumpsuit and jet pack. Way to go Adam!