Come on now!  If you don’t want to know who just left The Walking Dead, then you better stick your head in the sand because it’s been announced everywhere. SHEESH!  They even had a big farewell panel for the person at San Diego Comic Con last year… But, if you’re still in the dark and want to stay that way,  you may want to stop reading, because there are big spoilers ahead.


Danai Gurira, Michonne, left the show in this week’s episode. But, like Rick Grimes, she didn’t die. Which leaves the door open for Michonne to migrate over to the ‘supposed’ Rick Grimes movie. Which would be cool.  OR, both Rick and Michonne could return to the show for one last hurrah, who knows.  But as of now, the iconic zombie-fighting couple is gone, their future uncertain….  And here is Andrew Lincoln singing his tribute/goodbye.  (He did a song when Karl left too)

Danai Gurira

  • He did the same when his TV son died on the show.

    Chandler Riggs