When Rick Grimes, the main TWD character left, the show lost a lot of its luster.  And they lost a lot of viewers as well. But it remained one of the highest viewed shows on cable, so it survived the lost. But Lauren Cohan’s Maggie also left the show.  And though her departure was overshadowed by Rick’s exit, fans still missed her.  Now she’s back.

Lauren Cohen left the show to star in her own non-zombie series, which ironically was pretty much dead on arrival.  It barely survived one season.  But because the Maggie character on ‘The Walking Dead’ did not die, she’s able to return to the franchise, just as fan-favorite Michonne walks away.  So will her return offset that loss?  We’ll just have to wait and see.

Because even though Lauren Cohan’s only been gone a little over a year and a half, the show has moved on. The Walking Dead seiries time jumped 7+ years.  So in their reality, Maggie’s sudden little walkabout has taken 7+ years, with little explanation when it comes to her whereabouts.  Some characters have grown up, and some have died.  So where does she fit in now?  And will her return keep the show from hemorrhaging additional viewers? Or is it a case of ‘too-little-too-late?’