STARGIRL, and her High School Heroes, are getting a second season on The CW, ONLY.  DC Universe is sidekick out of luck.  What the heck?  How many blows to the head can DC Universe take before they’re down-and-out, and Warner Bros throws in the towel.

All the exclusive content on the streaming service is going bye-bye.  Look! Along with Stargirl, which was supposed to be a DC Universe show.   The Doom Patrol is now also airing on HBO MAX, and Harley Quinn is heading there as well.  Their signature show, DC Daily, was straight up cancelled, as was Swamp Thing  And it’s anybody’s guess where TITANS will end up.  Maybe there’ll be an announcement during the August event, DC FANDOME.

So listen up y’all… While I have no insider info, I think that if you bet on DC UNIVERSE over HBO MAX,  you backed the wrong horse.  And if you are paying for both services, you may want to re-think that, because red flags are flying.