Insiders say that a the majority of the staff of the DC Universe Streaming Service have been laid off, a move that had been widely expected as WarnerMedia shifts its focus to the new streaming service, HBO Max.


DC Universe launched in May 2018, and was home to live-action series such as DC DailyDoom Patrol, Titans and Stargirl, as well as the animated Young Justice and Harley Quinn.  But DC Daily got straight-up cancelled. Doom Patrol and Harley Quinn are on HBO Max. And Stargirl moved to The CW.  So as the streaming service’s original programming goes bye-bye,  the writing is on the wall.


And when the much touted DC FANDOME event plays out later this month, We’ll probably learn the fates of Titans and Young Justice.   And I’m guessing that Titans will find a home on HBO Max, since the stars of that show are participating in the DC Fandome event.  But the survival of Young Justice is pretty much a 50-50 proposition.   I didn’t like the continuation as much as the original Cartoon Network series.


At this point, after losing a lot of its staff and original shows,  The DC Universe Streaming Service seems like it’s not long for this world.  So if you’ve got it, enjoy it while you can.