DC FANDOME is less than a week away, so I’m going to make some educated guesses about 10 big surprises, based on absolutely no insider info whatsoever. This is ‘your-guess-is-as-good-as-mine’ territory, not spoilers.   And yes, it is a slow news day.


1st. Wonder Woman 1984: The film is in the can and ready to go, so they can pick and choose what they want to show.  And they do promise ‘surprises’ in the panel description.  So my guess is a new trailer, and an actual 1st look at Kristen Wiig as full-on Cheetah.  That would get twitter tweeting.

2nd.  The Suicide Squad:  Another film  that’s already been shot. And while they do not promise any surprises, my guess is that they’ll debut a short teaser, to get James Gunn fans all wound up.



3rd. CW’s The Flash: Because of the virus, production was shut down before the end of the season, as they were shooting a pivotal episode.  So my guess is, that since footage was already shot, we’ll get a clip or two from that episode, which will undoubtably be re-worked into the season seven premiere. (They have to resolve that storyline before they can move forward).


4th.  The Batman: Director Matt Reeves is scheduled to appear, and ‘surprises’ are promised.  My first guess is that Robert Pattinson will appear as well, since his name is already on the long guest-list video they released last week.  And since they have been filming, and are filming now, I think we’ll see a short clip or two, and maybe a Catwoman costume reveal.


5th. Black Adam:  This movie is still in pre-production, which means they haven’t filmed any of it yet, due to the virus.  But along with The Rock’s scheduled appearance, ‘surprises’ are promised.  So what could they be?  My guess is that they’ll announce his superhero co-stars.  And while The Rock did put it out there that he wanted Ryan Reynolds to play Hawkman. That is the longest of long-shots, since he’s Deadpool.  Wouldn’t that be a feather in the DC cap?


6th. Batwoman:  They promise a ‘sneak peek at season 2’.  So I’m guessing that we’ll see Javica Leslie’s new Bat-suit, and maybe her in it.


7th. Shazam:  They say the sequel has got a script, but nothing’s been shot.  So my guess is that one of the ‘surprise guests’ promised is Dwayne The Rock Johnson.  Since Black Adam is comic-book-linked to the Shazam mythology.


8th. Titans: We haven’t heard too much about this show’s future.  So my guess is that they’ll officially announce a season three for HBO Max.  Since Jim Lee already came right out and said that DC Universe shows were moving to HBO Max.  And I also predict that a character that died will be returning, having evolved into a new hero, mirroring their comic book counterpart. Based on the fact that the actor in question is listed on the panel.


9th & 10th. Surprise DC Panel & TBA Panel:  These two panels are a mystery.  But my guess, which is based on my own hopes and dreams, is that this is a Henry Cavill as Superman revelation.

Based on the fact that; a) Superman is a major part of the DC FANDOME artwork, with Wonder Woman and Batman, who both have upcoming Movies. b) The first DC FANDOME trailer featured the iconic John Williams ‘Superman-The Movie‘ theme. c) A few weeks ago, Cavill and Warner Bros were rumored to be in talks for his Superman return. d) The panel directly before the Surprise Panel,  features Grammy Nominee Chris Daughtry  performing his hit song, “Waiting for Superman”.  and e)  I want this to be true SO bad!!!!!!


So my final two ‘way-out-there’ predictions are;  That the Surprise Panel reveals that Henry Cavill will be Superman again, and  appearing in the Black Adam movie.  Also, that the TBA Panel is for Man Of Steel 2.

Hey!  As a humongous Superman fan, I dream big… And yes, I do realize that all the Superman references could be for the new CW show, Superman & Lois, which I am also looking forward to. But I think we’re also getting something bigger, for the cinematic universe!