Am I excited about this new Dune? M’eh… But that doesn’t mean that I think it’s going to be bad.  It has an epic look.  But I read the book, which is great.  And I’ve already seen three movie versions of this story, some better than others.

I’ve seen the David Lynch theatrical version of Dune, which I didn’t hate. It came out in 1984, and the story, it was what it was. But they dropped a whole lot of cash on the special effects, which were impressive.  Then there was a 3-hour extended cut of the film, not done by Lynch. Which was … longer.  And finally, in 2000, the SyFy channel aired a three-part Dune miniseries.  Which I enjoyed.

So I’ve seen so many versions of Dune, I’ve got giant sand-worms on the brain.  But that doesn’t mean that this new Dune doesn’t look good.  It does.  I’m just not excited about it yet.  But check out these three cool ‘Empire‘ covers.




I remember that Patrick Stewart was in the first Dune, back in 84′, and that was cool.  But there’s also a rumor about a 5-hour director’s cut of the 84′ film, and that isn’t cool. So let’s steer clear of that, and just look ahead to the new version of a story well-told.