The animated film, BATMAN: DEATH IN THE FAMILY, is an interactive movie.  Which means that you can make choices as the movie unfolds, that actually affect the story you see.  So it puts you in control at some very pivotal moments. And I have to say, that I liked the gimmick.

Also, after you see where your choices took the story, you can go back and make different choices, and see different stories.

The only thing I didn’t like was the overly graphic and bloody depiction of  ‘You-Should-Know-Who’ beating Robin to death.  And that’s not a ‘spoiler’ because you see Batman carrying his dead body on the DVD cover.

But does Robin die?  You get three choices, and each choice spins the story in a different direction.  Robin can die, or Batman can save him, or Robin can just survive, no Batman necessary. (Info spelled out on the back cover of the DVD)


But the one constant in all the various stories is the bloody beat-down that starts the saga, which I found hard to watch as an adult.  You took things too far DC!  So parents beware.

Otherwise, I found that I enjoyed ‘Batman:Death In The Family‘ a lot more than I thought I would.  I sat through three variations of the saga with interest. It took 90-minutes.   And I will go back and check out the remaining story variations some time soon.