The Animaniacs series was cancelled back in 1998, but on November 20th 2020, new episodes will drop once more.  With all the original voice talent. But it will drop on Hulu.

You heard me!  The renewed animated series about the wacky Warner Brothers, and their little sister Dot, which takes place on the Warner Bros studio lot, will be on Disney-owned Hulu, not on the Warner Bros platform HBO Max.  What, What!!


While that does sound ‘zany to the max’,  Hulu had the streaming rights to the series before there was a thing called HBO Max.  So until that deal is done, there will be no HBO Max for Wakko, Yakko and Dot, or Pinky & The Brain.  Also, don’t look for any kind of Harry Potter spin-off on HBO Max anytime soon, for the very same reason.


But at some point all those deals will end, and Warner Bros will reclaim their legacy.  Shoving everything they own onto HBO Max, their ‘pay-for-the-privilege’ streaming platform.  For all to enjoy.