After two years, STARFIRE finally gets a super suit in season 3 of TITANS.  Which is ironic considering her power level at the end of season 2.  But Titans is a show that takes its time. Which isn’t always a good thing for a supposed action-oriented Superhero show.  In fact, the Titans have yet to really work together as a fully functional team.  But hopefully that’s all about to change.  Come on HBO Max, kick this show up a notch!!!

And here’s some early concept art… And does this reveal that she’ll learn how to fly in season 3?

Now, when it comes to ‘taking it slow’, that has been the Titan motto for the last two seasons. Frustrating many of the show’s fans. I mean,  Robin quit being Robin, burning his iconic suit, midway through season one. But didn’t pick up the new NIGHTWING mantle until the big season 2 finale.  And BEASTBOY has only turned into a bad-CGI green tiger so far, instead the multitude of animals he’s supposed to be able to change into. (In all fairness he did change into a snake once, but seemed to forget about that ability when he needed it most)

Season 3 will also see the intro of RED HOOD… And Donna Troy will probably make her big transformation from Wondergirl to Troia, at some point.  I just hopes it doesn’t take all season…