Looking a lot like DC Fandome,   the Brazilian “CCXP 2020:Worlds – A Journey Of Hope” starts December 4th.  And will feature a whole lot of cool media events, including a six hour Warner Entertainment Panel on Sunday.  That’s what I’m most interested in. You have to register for the online event, but it’s free. Unless you want all the ups and extras, which will cost you $35.

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“A team of experts has developed a platform especially for the event, using technology from the gaming universe. When loading the festival, the audience will see a 3D navigable map inspired by League of Legends through which it will be possible to enter 12 different worlds: Thunder Arena, Artists’ Valley, Oi Game Arena, Creators & Cosplay Universe, OmeleteStage by Santander, CCXP Store, Meet & Greet, Hollywood Strip, Chiaroscuro Studios, Iron Studios, Geek Hall, and CCXP Tips. Now with unlimited space, one of CCXP’s most famous auditoriums, the Thunder Arena, will offer fans a completely new, thrilling experience. For the first time in the world, a live event will use Unreal Engine (the same used in Fortnite) to create a virtual scenario in which 100,000 avatars will react to the live content released by studios with sounds captured from the physical space in previous editions.”

Per Collider, the Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad panels will only be part of what WarnerMedia offers at CCXP, as an impressive six hours of content is planned. Elsewhere on the main stage, The Walking Dead: World Beyond will have its own panel on Friday at 3:25 pm PST. Snake Eyes will immediately follow as part of the Paramount Pictures panel at 4 pm. Exciting creatives will be featured throughout the weekend as well, including Avengers: Endgame directors Joe and Anthony Russo and author Neil Gaiman, who’s at work on Netflix’s The Sandman series.

However, the massive WarnerMedia panel is arguably the most intriguing part of CCXP. In addition to Wonder Woman 1984 and The Suicide Squad, it could provide information on a host of other movies and TV shows, including the Snyder Cut of Justice League or any other DC films on the way. The possibilities are virtually endless, making the WarnerMedia panel the most highly anticipated. Appropriately, it will close out CCXP 2020 on Sunday, leaving audiences excited about what the company has to offer in the months to come.