I like the fact that DISNEY+ is trying something new and original with WandaVision, a cheesy 60’s sitcom that promises something reality-bending, and possibly cool, to come in future episodes.  But in the here-and-now, episode 1 & 2 are half-hour 60’s shlock, with only brief hints at an underlining truth.  So it’s not that good, right now.  The first two episodes are like bad episodes of Bewitched/The Dick Van Dyke Show.


Though, if you are all caught up with the MCU films, and have some comic book knowledge, you know the goodness that will probably come.  But if you aren’t that savvy, I think the first two episodes will leave you scratching your heads, wondering why you bothered.   In my opinion, I think this series would be better binged, so you can get to the good stuff faster.


Alas, WandaVision is a week-to-week series.  So I just hope that future episodes will show MORE of the marvel-related-mystery, to hook us in.  And LESS of the silly sit-com stuff, which is a colossal snore.  Nuff Said!   Bring on Episode 3.

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