The CW is finally beginning to drop new content, after Covid-related delays, and season two of Batwoman is the first up.  But before I share my thoughts, I’d like to say that I liked Ruby Rose as Batwoman.  And though season one was flawed, I enjoyed the show. My Sister and I watched it together. But as you may or may not know, Ruby Rose left the show, for unspecified reasons, so the role of Batwoman had to be re-cast.


Unfortunately, Ruby Rose’s Kate Kane, aka Batwoman was the foundation for almost ever story/character arch in season one. Which wouldn’t have been a huge obstacle to overcome if they had just re-cast Kate Kane.  It would have been a little weird at first, seeing another actress play the role, but things could have continued as planned. But instead, they disappeared Kate Kane, and brought in another character named Ryan Wilder to just become a different Batwoman.  HUH?


So in the season 2 premiere, Kate apparently disappears in a plane crash, but her bat-suit and bat-wig survive intact.  And this poorly conceived cliche of a character, named Ryan Wilder, finds the outfit at the burning crash site.  And instead of checking the wreckage for survivors, she snags the bat-gear because it’s just her size.


Ryan Wilder lives in a glam van down by the river.  She’s homeless, but stylish homeless. Ryan is an ex-con and she’s on parole, but of course, it’s for a crime she didn’t commit.  That’s why she can’t get a job as a karate instructor, because of course she’s got those skills. And in a flash back, that’s contrived as heck, we see that Ryan’s Mom was killed right in front of her by Alice, Batwoman’s main villain.  So of course she’s revenge-motivated to become the new Batwoman.  SHEESH!


They had all this time, due to Covid delays, to come up with a smart script, and they didn’t.  Most of Ryan Wilder’s dialogue is exposition. Good thing she talks out loud to a plant, so that we’re all filled in by episode’s end.  And the rest of the characters aren’t given much to work with either.  My Sister and I watched the first episode together, and we weren’t impressed.  So my 1st impression is that episode one of this new Batwoman re-do was a bust.  But I’ll watch a few more episodes to see if things get better.

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