HBO Max:  In season 3 of titans, the third version of Robin has been cast. And according to Variety, Jay Lycurgo has been tagged to play the recurring role of Tim Drake.

Drake is described as a streetwise kid who’s managed to grow up on the toughest streets without losing his indelible belief in heroism. His easy-going demeanor is backed up by a near-genius mind, a natural detective with a perception of detail far beyond his years. And eventually, he becomes the Batman’s third Robin, sometimes called Red Robin.

Now, Bruce Wayne’s Batman  has more ex-Robins than ex-girlfriends.  So why hasn’t that hit the Gotham tabloids?  First there was Dick Greyson, who grew up and became the adult hero, Nightwing.  Then 2nd Robin, Jason Todd, got killed, but then came back to life as the Red Hood. Then Tim Drake picked up the mantle becoming the 3rd Robin, or Red Robin. And presently, Bruce Wayne’s illegitimate son Damian Wayne, is the only Robin linked to Batman by blood.  That’s a whole gaggle of Robins.

In the 2 seasons of the HBO Max ‘TITANS’ series, we’ve seen Dick Greyson ditch his Robin schtick and become Nightwing. Then Jason Todd came aboard as the new Robin.  And in the upcoming 3rd season, Jason Todd will become The Red Hood, and we’ll meet Robin number 3, Tim Drake… I guess the Bat-sidekick gig is a high turnaround position.

-Dick Greyson – From Robin to Nightwing…


– Jason Todd – From Robin to Red Hood