This new version of ‘The Stand‘ doesn’t bring anything new to the table, even though Stephen King wrote a new boring and bloated epilogue episode.  I mean, I had to fast-forward through it because that final hour was so saccharine and cliche I couldn’t ‘stand’ it.  Pun intended.


“Stephen King what happened to you?  You used to be cool.”


This new version of The Stand starts off strong, probably because it was about a pandemic, and we’re actually in one.  But the rest of the series feels stale, and lacks  character development.  So by the end, I didn’t  give a hoot about anybody.  Which made the 9 hour series a chore to sit through.


But when it comes to badly conceived characters and bad portrayals, the ultimate  ‘Razzie’ goes to Ezra Miller and his performance, which was an offensive embarrassment.  “I hope the check they wrote you bro was big enough to cover your shame.”


Meanwhile, I actually grew to hate the good guys over time. Because the couple seemed to be self-serving opportunists instead of saviors. And I  ended up hoping that King would kill them off  in his new ending. To at least shock us a little bit, so we’d feel something.  (And did he? That’s a spoiler)

LAST WORD:  It’s pretty sad when the new big-budget remake isn’t as good as the 90’s mini-series. Which was about three hours shorter, and at least brought the feels. Shame on you CBS All Access,  this new remake was a pretentious bore and didn’t have to be.