ADULT SWIM:  ‘Final Space’ Season 3 drops March 20th at 10:30 pm pt. And the new trailer shows a considerably dark tone for the quirky series.

Final Space is an animated science-fiction series that originally aired on TBS. It tells the story of a boisterous and inept astronaut named Gary Godspeed (voiced by the show’s creator, Olan Rogers), who discovers a mysterious little green planet-destroying alien named Mooncake while serving out thefinal days of his five-year prison sentence.  And after bonding with the adorable super-weapon, Gary discovers that Mooncake is being tracked down by a powerful telekinetic creature known as the Lord Commander (David Tennant).

With a rotating cast of new and unique characters, Gary and Mooncake must embark on a mission to save the universe and attempt to unravel the mystery of what ‘Final Space’ really is. The show also features the voice talents of other high-profile actors such as Keith David, Steven Yeun, and Fred Armisen.

Season 1 & 2 drop on HBO Max, March 1st, if you want to jump onboard or need to catch up.