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SPOILERS AHEAD, so read at your own risk.  In the CW’s Batwoman last Sunday, there was a big reveal…



Kate Kane is alive, but badly burned and bandaged.  She was in a plane crash after all.  And taking a cue from a bad soap opera, when the bandages are removed, Kate Kane will look like a different person.  As the role has been re-cast. Wallis Day from Krypton will step into the role that was once played by Ruby Rose.  WHAT WHAT!

Javicia Leslie donned the cape and cowl as Batwoman (aka Ryan Wilder) in season 2.  And while that character is supposed to be a badass,she isn’t,  she’s just bad.  Is it bad writing, bad acting, or both?  And the simple answer is ‘yes’. So will the re-introduction of Kate Kane keep this sinking boat afloat?

According to producers, Leslie is still going to be Batwoman. But the second half of the season is going to reveal where Kate has been and what that means for her character going forward. ‘Huh’?

In my opinion, they should have just re-cast Kate Kane from the get-go and continued the story-lines they established in season one.  I liked season one.  The actress change would have taken time to get used to, but it would have been a lot less confusing than what’s happening now.