THE CW:  Time bureaus and restoring timelines; sorry Loki, the Legends did it first, and they’re still doing it.

They’re fighting aliens, and here’s the first 13 episode titles…

#6.1 “Ground Control to Sara Lance”
Written by James Eagan & Mark Bruner, Directed by Kevin Mock

#6.2 “Meat: The Legends”
Written by Matthew Maala & Morgan Faust, Directed by Rachel Talalay

#6.3 “The Ex-Factor”
Written by Grainne Godfree & Tyron Carter, Directed by David Geddes

#6.4 “Bay of Squids”
Written by Phil Klemmer, Directed by Sudz Sutherland

#6.5 “The Satanist’s Apprentice”
Written Keto Shimizu and Ray Utarnachitt, Directed by Caity Lotz

#6.6 “Bishop’s Gambit”
Written by James Eagan & Emily Cheever, Directed by Kevin Mock

#6.7 “Back to the Finale Part II”
Written by Morgan Faust & Mark Bruner, Directed by Glen Winter

#6.8 “Stressed Western”
Written by Matthew Maala, Directed by David Ramsey

#6.9 “This is Gus”
Written by Tyron B. Carter, Directed by Eric Dean Seaton

#6.10 “Bad Blood”
Written by Grainee Godfree, Directed by Alexandra La Roche

#6.11 “The Final Frame”
Written by James Eagan and Ray Utarnachitt, Directed by Jes Macallan

#6.12 “Bored On Board Onboard”
Written by Keto Shimizu & Leah Poulliot, Directed by Harry Jierjian

#6.13 “Silence of the Sonograms”
Written by Phil Klemmer & Morgan Faust, Directed by Nico Sachse