DC ANIMATION is usually on point.  But this time around, it feels like the take-away from this movie is so light-weight and cliché, that wrapping it up in a World War II saga feels almost inappropriate.

Wonder Woman is the high point of this story. She’e the team bad-ass,  and she’s given the most character development.  While the rest of her team is pretty much left with little or nothing.  Even their mission feels unclear and undefined.  And then they shove Aquaman into the mix for no reason. (Which isn’t a spoiler since his picture is on the Blu-Ray box.)

The Bottom line:  While parts of the story are entertaining, I was bored a lot.  And the twists and turns of the story were pretty obvious.  Though there was ONE twist that was totally unexpected.  But unfortunately, once that twist was revealed, it invalidated the dramatic elements that occurred in the finale. And with that being said, I give Justice Society – World War II a five out of ten.