MARVEL/DISNEY+:  I call this Moon Knight‘s better-late-than-never poster, as the finale dropped on Wednesday, May 4th.  But not everyone watched the series week-to-week, probably choosing to binge it now that all the episodes are on Disney+.  So the poster is still very relevant.  And it is very cool.

My thoughts on the series, with no details or spoilers… I liked it.  It’s unlike any of the other Marvel shows on Disney+.  And you literally don’t have to know anything from the MCU to enjoy it.  As it doesn’t lean on the past MCU TV/Films at all.  Moon Knight is a stand-alone, though I think the character will intersect with the MCU at some point. But while I did enjoy it, for the most part, I must say that the conclusion of the 6-part series felt rushed, in my opinion. And while knowledge of the MCU isn’t necessary, comic book knowledge helps*.  If you know a bit of the character’s comic book back-story,  then certain plot points make a lot more sense…  But check it out and see for yourself. Oscar Isaac is great, and this deserves a look-see.

*As you watch, If you see a barcode in a scene, pause and scan it.  Barcodes give you free access to Moon Knight comics… 



DISNEY+:  The pilot for the new Percy Jackson series has found its cast. Walker Scobell, center, is Percy Jackson. And Percy’s best friends are Leah Sava Jeffries as Annabeth,  and Aryan Simhadri  as Grover. The three are definitely younger than their movie counterparts, which is more in-tune with the books.  But I was never a big fan of the novels, or films, so this is a wait-and-see for me.  What do you Percy Jackson fans think?  Will you be watching?


DISNEY/PIXAR: Now, I’m not sure why this is called a Lightyear ‘Special Look’ instead of a Lightyear ‘Trailer’.  But whatever it is, it gives away a lot, which might be considered ‘bad’ if you don’t like spoilers.  So if you want to avoid plot details, SKIP THIS ‘SPECIAL LOOK’.  But if you don’t care about spoilers, and are hankering to see more, push the play arrow and take a look-see. The movie drops June 17th, only in theaters.