Bodies Bodies Bodies 4K UHD Review: 4K 4K 4k

Bodies Bodies Bodies was a fun summer horror movie, but now you can bring it home for Halloween movie marathons. If you get the 4K UHD, you can really see the film’s inventive lighting on display. 

But first, the opening section of the movie in daylight glows. Specifically, Maria Bakalova and Amandla Stenberg glow in the daylight. You also get a good look around the exterior and interior of the lavish house where these friends will spend the hurricane and cope with murder. The bright colors of yellow pillars, pink and red sofas, blue and green walls pop in 4K.

Of course, most of the film takes place at night during the power outage. The characters light the dark with their iPhones, headlamps or glow necklaces. Those pods of light are surrounded by 4K pitch black darkness. When all the characters are together, there’s enough light for the whole frame, but they split up a lot. 

As for bonus features, director Halina Reijn gives a full commentary, at least for the first hour of the movie. She packs the talk with analysis of the film’s themes and discussion of its unique lighting.

A 12 minute behind the scenes feature is a fairly basic recap of the plot and characters, but Pete Davidson makes some jokes in it. There are only two brief deleted scenes which feature Bakalova prominently.