Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 4K UHD Review: Inside Jarnathan

The Dungeons & Dragons: Honor Among Thieves 4K UHD (and DVD or Blu-ray editions) will give you a little tidbit about fan favorite character Jarnathan. He’s one of the film’s many creatures discussed in a 10 minute bonus feature. Legacy Effects’ Shane Mahon describes the costume.

“He’s walking on basically an articulate pair of high heel shoes,” Mahon says. “And then to add even more misery to him we’ve got a set of articulated wings. They weigh probably 60 lbs.”

That particular costume took six months to make. The feature really highlights how the film mixed animatronics and CGI. Some creatures went from motion capture directly into the animatronic on the set. They also show some of the CGI creatures superimposed at ILM campus as tests.

The 4K UHD really shows off all those varied techniques. Both practical and digital creatures show off fine detail.

Likewise, the 4K shows of detail in the corridor walls, peeling and scuffed. Lavish colors and jam packed CGI backgrounds show dungeons aflame with piles of skills that must be enhanced from practical set dressing.

Edgin’s bright lush village begins the film and the journey traverses mountain snowbanks. The giant castle is way bigger than Downton Abbey. Meadows are lush green and even dark towers and graveyards look great.

Magic provides heightened 4K colors. The bright glow of magic portals, evil green swords and smoke, and the blue light tendrils in caves stand out against already popping scenes.

The soundscape envelops you in the Forgotten Realms from the snowy prison blizzard to the dragon cave rumble and assorted creature roars. The score fills the room too.

There are more featurettes about other aspects of the film. 10 minutes of deleted and extended scenes include a bit more comic banter, some character and mythology tidbits and a lot more with the reanimated knight.