The Blackening 4K UHD Review: 4Kary Movie

Since The Blackening is mostly set in a dark cabin and the surrounding woods at night, the 4K UHD holds up pretty well. Especially when a flashlight is the only light, you can really see the beam and the subtly diminishing light fade to black.

Out in the yard and in the basement, you can still see the whole frame, but when it’s in shadow, that’s pure 4K darkness. So, upstairs when they’re hiding in the vent, the killer stalks the shadows. And the POV of the vent is just the survivors’ faces and the grate visible. Well, in some shots you see hints of the silver ducting behind them. And at the front door, anything away from the lit porch is also pure shadow.

X May’s pink dress, Antoinette Robinson’s yellow one and Dewayne Perkins’ blue jumpsuit provide some color to the proceedings.

The Blackening has a commentary like the old days with three voices and three different perspectives. Perkins is still shocked and nervous that he wrote and starred in a big movie. Tracy Oliver is the veteran writer shepherding his vision. Director Tim Story talks about some of the filmmaking process, like shooting hallways in a different location and how many takes each actor would do, but he mainly celebrates his collaborators and asks the writers questions.

They discuss the specific horror influences and the horror comedies they’re decidedly not doing. They reveal Jermaine Fowler came up with Clifton’s voice which explains why he’s the only one doing a caricature. Nobody told him not to, but he also improvised the gun adjusting joke which is gold. Oliver is also confident there will be a sequel and has some fun ideas.

Several more featurettes feature more of the cast, backing up a lot of the stories from the commentary. There are clips of the original short but not the whole thing. You can still see it on YouTube.

The cast participate in some promotional bits, so they’re “on” while promoting the movie’s theatrical release. A deleted scene extends the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air joke.