UNIVERSAL HOLLYWOOD’S ‘HALLOWEEN HORROR NIGHT’ (HHN):  My 1st Impression of opening night … It was a lot of fun, and there was so much to do, I couldn’t get to everything in one night.  I had an ‘EXPRESS PASS’ which is at least 2 times the cost of general admission, just as a frame of reference.  And that will pretty much get you into all the ‘HOUSES’ with a minimal wait, compared to general admission.  But to do all eight houses it will take about 5 hours, which is the length of the event (7pm to 1am).  That includes about a 20 – 30 minute wait for each house.  And travel time between houses, because they are pretty spread out. Also, we took time out to eat.  (General Admission wait times were between 60 minutes & 2+ hours, depending on the house)

NOTE ABOUT COST; Prices change, depending on the night you choose to go.  So I would recommend choosing a cheaper night, and use that savings to get the Express Pass.  I’ll provide a link to HHN tix, so you can see whats-what.  There’s even a pass that gets you into some HHN Houses early, AND includes admission into Super Nintendo World from 7pm to 10pm.


MY RECOMMENDATION:  If Halloween is your jam, and you want to get the full HHN experience.  I recommend going EXPRESS PASS one day, and check out all the houses.  Then go a second day GENERAL ADMISSION and go to the shows and enjoy the terror tram at your leisure. You can also take your time walking the scare zones, which includes checking out the Harry Potter DEATH-EATERS. And then partake of the themed eateries and drink spots, which also comes with a bit of a wait.  Also, the normal Universal rides are available as well, and they were all walk-ons when I was there opening night.

But if you just want to go GENERAL ADMISSION for one night.  I’d recommend doing a little bit of everything, And start by picking a few must-see Houses and getting to those first. Then do the terror tram and shows, and enjoy the rest of your night. ( And for an additional $10. Fee, you can get an hour & a half head start.)

And if you want to do absolutely everything you can in one night.  Get the ‘2pm Day/Night UNIVERSAL EXPRESS PASS’.  It gets you into the park at 2pm to enjoy the rides etc… Then you have express access to HHN events. AND you get entry into Super Nintendo World at night, from 7pm to 10pm.  And while that ticket is expensive.  You’re in the park for 10+ hours.  Which is Universal Studios overload.

AND LAST BUT NOT LEAST:  Wear comfortable shoes.  Because you will do a lot of walking… My App clocked me in at about 5 miles, from start to finish.

So check out Universal Studios Halloween Horror Nights.  And like the slogan says; “Don’t Go Alone.” Because it’s more fun when you’re with someone else, or in a group.  And FYI: My favorite Houses were ‘The Stranger Things house’ and ‘The Last Of Us’ house.