DC STUDIOS  is under a dark cloud right now. So is Aquaman 2 going to tank, pun intended, like the other DC films this year? Or, will it be a light that gives hope for a better DC future?  




After the Henry Cavill ‘getting fired’ debacle, and a string of  underwhelming DC flops, The new DC Studios is coming out of the gate cloaked in the stank of failure. And DC fans have turned a blind eye to new DC films,  at least when it comes to Paying to see them in theaters. So can Aquaman 2 turn things around? Well, The first movie made over $1 billion worldwide. So maybe this sequel can ride whatever momentum and goodwill that film has left, and make some financial waves.  At least that’s what I’m hoping. Because I like Jason Momoa as Aquaman, and Director James Wan. So my fingers are crossed for a DC win!