G.A. Lungaro

G.A. Lungaro is a writer and author of the new fantasy novel Souls of Magic’s Dawn and host of the Star Wars and otehr nerdy centric Youtube channel called The Grey Council. He hails from the diverse city of Chicago, Illinois along with his partner Marie and their three fur babies Caramon, Leo, and Ghost. He is also the father of three adult children and step-father to Marie’s young son. He has been an avid reader and lover of the fantasy genre ever since he read it for the first time at 15. Inspired by such authors as Tolkein, George RR Martin, and Anne Rice, he has chosen to add his voice to the fantastic world-building done in the genre. As a Youtube creator, better known there as Darth Daddy Lunga, he began the channel The Grey Council in November 2019. As a fan of Star Was he strives to bring the galaxy together one fan at a time in balance with the Force and following the tenants of #thegreyorder as well as covering other nerdy content like Sci-Fi, fantasy, and the comic genre.

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