ARROW: Season Premiere – So Who Died?

Yeah, who died? That was the big question hanging over our heads all summer, and now we have some answers. It wasn’t exactly a blood bath. The three people I thought were possible corpses, Thea, Merlin, and Oliver’s Baby-Momma, are kind of dead. The Baby-Momma is definitely D.O.A., as we see her die in Oliver’s arms. After she tells him to take care of their son. But Thea is in a coma and unresponsive. And we think Merlin’s dead, but he’s come back from the grave before, so we can’t count him out just yet. Also, Black Siren gets shot by Quentin Lance and left for dead. But some unseen dude arrives just in time to save her. So she lives to sing another day. Plus, now she has Daddy issues. Oh well.

The episode takes place five months later, and Team Arrow is pretty much intact. Except for Diggle, whose hand shakes when he tries to fire a gun. He seems to be scarred physically, and maybe emotionally, from the explosion on the island. And of course, he keeps that info to himself. Quentin Lance is also going through some tough times. He shot Black Siren, but still feels like she’s his daughter Laurel. So he’s guilt ridden. Oliver tries to explain that she’s from Earth 2, but he can’t wrap his head around all that. And as previously stated, Thea is in the Hospital in a coma.

The flashbacks are still around too, but they’re different, at least in this episode. The flashbacks are about what happened on the island five months ago, and multiple people are having them. That’s how we see Quentin shoot Black Siren/Laurel, saving Black Canary. And we also see Oliver finding Thea’s body and crying over it. And his emotional farewell with his son’s dying Mom. And also in a flashback, we see Black Siren being saved by someone we can’t yet identify.   And then we see Diggle caught in an explosion. So you get a flashback, and you get a flashback. Everybody gets a flashback.

And speaking of explosions; Black Siren blows up the police station and the Arrow cave. At first Quentin thinks she’s after him, looking for revenge. But that’s not the case at all. And when Father and semi-daughter run into each other, he can’t shoot her, and she doesn’t kill him. There’s something going on there that I think could be pretty interesting. She steals one on Curtis’ orbs, a prototype. But we’re not sure why bad Laurel wants it. So I guess we have to STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Oliver’s kid doesn’t speak to him for all of five months, because he blames Oliver for his Mother’s death. And let’s face it, he’s kind of right. But by episode’s end, Slade Wilson’s parenting advice pays off, and Oliver and his son make a small breakthrough. I guess Slade and Oliver are friends now. But does that mean that Deathstroke will join Team Arrow?


DC ON TV: How Do They Rate?

Show business is a business, so lets see our favorite shows are doing in the ratings. Now the ratings determine how many people are watching, and how many of those people are in the coveted 18 to 49 age group. Advertisers like to target that group, so the higher the ratings, the more the networks can charge for commercials. That’s why low rated shows are cancelled, and higher rated shows get renewed. So here’s how our DC favorites are doing. (I’ll throw Riverdale and Supernatural in the mix also.)


THE SHOW:                18-49 Rating share               Viewers (Millions)

THE FLASH:                 1.1/4                                      4.08

LUCIFER:                     0.9/3                                      3.33

GOTHAM:                    0.8/3                                      2.69

RIVERDALE                 0.8/3                                      2.30

SUPERNATURAL           0.7/3                                      2.10

ARROW                       0.6/2                                      1.57

SUPERGIRL                  0.5/2                                      1.87


So the numbers for this season are a little low, even for the CW. But don’t panic just yet. JUST START WATCHING AGAIN! Most of these shows just premiered, so a lot of viewers obviously haven’t re-discovered them yet. And while The Flash is on top of the ratings heap, and in no danger, these are still low number for a season premiere. While Riverdale’s numbers are actually higher than they’ve been, so good news for Riverdale. (And Archie’s Dad did survive the finale shooting. Yeah I watch)

LAST WORDS: Those of you who watch via DVR, those rating are calculated too, but at a later date. So some shows will get a ratings boost when those numbers are factored in.

THE FLASH “Reborn” Review

The Flash Season 4 Episode 1

I love The Flash, but I hate season finale cliffhangers. Because, when the new season rolls around, all those problems need to be resolved before the show can return to its fun self and move forward. At he end of last season; Barry surrendered to the Speed Force, leaving normal reality forever. And forever is a long time. But we know Barry has to come back, the show is named after him. So Team Flash has to find a way to bring The Flash back. Mainly because of a big bad Samurai Warrior, who looks like a Power Rangers villain, threatens to level the city if The Flash doesn’t come out and face him. Continue reading


Legends of Tomorrow Season 3 Episode 1 Review!

I usually don’t review Legends because it’s more of an action-comedy than a superhero show. Don’t get me wrong, the show is fun to watch, but the characters that have super powers rarely use them. I wanted to update you because this year their world has changed a bit. If you saw their season finale, you know that Rip Hunter left the group, presumably for good, just before a herd of T-Rex show up in modern-day Los Angeles. Big Ben is also a part of the Los Angeles skyline, so time was definitely mucked up, and the Legends are to blame.

The Legends pulled a time-travel no-no, by showing up and confronting themselves in the past. I guess that’s bad, like crossing the streams in Ghostbusters. But the new season picks up almost immediately after they arrived in the bogus Los Angeles timeline. And just before a hungry dino eats them, Rip Hunter shows up in a suit and crew cut and saves the day. We find out that Rip has formed his own elite time-police team that is similar to the ‘Men In Black’ organization. They even have the flashy things that erase people’s memories. The only real differences being that Rip’s team are all pompous jerks. And they hate the Legends.

The Legends get fired, and they all return to rather boring lives. The only one that attempts to be a superhero is Citizen Steel. He tries fighting bad guys in Central City, the home of The Flash. But he’s not fast enough. (We see Kid Flash arriving and stealing his thunder.) So the Legends reunite and steal the Waverider from Rip’s team. Then they go on a mission to return a wayward Julius Caesar to his rightful time and place. Proving to Rip that they are unorthodox, but effective. So the Legends get their jobs back. But Rip and his team will be keeping an eye on them. SO STAY TUNED!!!!

LAST WORDS: Amaya and Nate broke up and she went back to Africa. But when you see Amaya at the end of the episode, her powers have changed. Instead of acquiring the abilities of an animal, her eyes glow and she can summon an animal’s spirit form, and that spirit animal can then attack people. Yeah, that’s new! So instead of fighting, Amaya stands there with glowing eyes, as animal spirits rip into some poachers. What’s up with that?

SUPERGIRL “The Girl Of Steel” Review

Supergirl Season 3 Episode 1

Supergirl’s back and most of you missed it. The ratings for the premiere episode were pretty bad, which isn’t good for the show’s longevity. So if you’re a fan, you need to tune in pronto. Here’s what you missed: Six months have passed since the finale, where Mon-el was banished from Earth due to lead particles released into our atmosphere, and Kara is still at her pity party. She’s aloof and moody, and so focused on being a superhero she’s forsaken her friends, and her life as Kara Danvers. She’s not even concerned about Alex’s pre-marital conflict with Maggie. Though in all fairness, that issue is relatively minor and easily resolved. Continue reading

GOTHAM Review: “They Who Hide Behind Mask”

Hey Gotham-ites, you know by now that this is the season of silly. And you’re either onboard or you’re not.   So let’s do this: Even the characters know that no one ever seems to die in Gotham. Maybe that’s why people still live in this messed up town. They may be robbed and assaulted by thugs who have licenses to do so, but at least they don’t have to worry about dying. And if they do die, they’ll just come back, and possibly have superpowers. In this episode, Edward Nygma, The Riddler, is Gotham’s latest resurrection.   After five months frozen solid, with no food or oxygen to the brain etcetera, a deranged high school crush breaks into Penguin’s club and blowtorches Nygma free. And voila, he’s pretty much fine. Continue reading

The Final JUSTICE LEAGUE “Heroes” Trailer is Sweet!

Check out the new Justice League trailer for yourself.  As a DC Comics fanboy, it really struck a chord.  It took it’s time, and was a little slower paced than the other trailers.  It showed a lot of new footage that gives you a feel for the individual heroes.  It gives us action, heart, and humor.  When it first starts though, you’re like; “Oh no, they’ve shown too much.”  But you quickly realize that they haven’t.  But what they did show was ‘just right’.   I don’t want to totally spoil it for you, so check it out below and let me know your thoughts….

– And a Nerd Side Note: The new Star Wars trailer is supposed to drop tomorrow night (Monday), during Monday Night Football –

JUSTICE LEAGUE Trailer to Debut This Sunday!

The headline is pretty much the entire story. This will be the last trailer so keep your eyes peeled. (Unless you’re avoiding spoilers) I just wonder if we’ll see a hint of Joss Whedon’s influence in this promotional go-round. Or maybe a glimpse of the Big Blue Boy Scout if we’re lucky.  As a life-long DC Comics fan I can honestly say that I have been waiting for this movie for decades. So please let it be good. I’ve got my fingers and toes crossed Warner Brothers. Things look good so far. DON’T LET ME DOWN!!!

DC TV: We Are Back and Bad Ass!

WHAM! ZAP! KAPOW! Network shows, based on characters from DC Comics, are coming back next week. And that makes me smile! We need a little escapism more than ever right now. Though technically, Gotham has been back for three weeks, and Lucifer came back this week.   In addition; iZombie, Black Lightning, and Krypton won’t debut till next season. But the ARROW-verse shows are all back next week, so sit back and enjoy. Because now they have to recover from their season finale cliffhangers!!! Continue reading

GOTHAM Season 4 Episode 2 Review: If only I had a brain!

Scarecrow Junior is the main focus of this season’s second episode. He’s the inmate who takes over the asylum.   He was free, but Scarecrow goes back to Arkham to dish out a heaping helping of revenge. But he’s not your ‘Wizard Of Oz’ scarecrow. Oh No! He’s a lot scarier, and he’s got this fear toxin that he sprays in his victim’s eyes. It causes hallucinations based on their worst fears. So of course the illicit overlord of Arkham, who was cruel to young Scarecrow, gets a face full of the fear juice. And he begins to see his worst fear, a low-rent version of Pennywise from the movie ‘IT’. Yeah, they went there. So maybe this scarecrow does need a brain, like his Oz counterpart, because that’s pretty much the only scary thing he does. And seeing a demon clown definitely left us feeling like we’ve  been there and done that.

The guards flee the asylum, as they probably should. There’s a crazed dude running around making the Gotham nut house even nuttier. So Jim Gordon comes in, alone, to set things to right. And he has no real plan or strategy, so maybe Jim is in need of a brain too. Because the Scarecrow almost immediately douses Jim with the fear fluid, incapacitating him. Why you ask? Jim killed his Dad, Scarecrow Senior, so Jim was atop the revenge list. But instead of killing Jim, the Scarecrow hopes Jim’s fear will do him in. I told you this guy needed a brain. (If he’s that pissed off, why not just shoot the guy?)

Jim’s worst fear is that Lee will kill herself because of him. Wow, he must really think a lot of himself. So while Lee bleeds out in a bathtub, Jim just decides to snap out of the fear-induced hallucination. I guess it’s that easy. But in all fairness, Jim is a stud. And he also figures out that if you wash off the toxin with ordinary water, you’re cured as well. Yes! That’s the unknown antidote to the fear toxin that nobody else figured out. I mean, if any chemical splashes in your eye, isn’t washing it out with water the first thing you do? It’s literally the very first thing. I think the writers could use a brain too. So Jim Gordon stops the Scarecrow and saves Arkham. Was there every any doubt? Proving once again that he’s the only cop on the GCPD that’s worth a damn.

Let’s be real. The Mayor and the Police Commissioner are honoring Penguins’ new crime licenses. So the police don’t stop, or arrest, criminals any more. So what are they doing? I don’t even think they write parking tickets any more. Luckily, dorky Bruce Wayne lurks in the shadows righting wrongs with his fists of fury. Lucius Fox even gives him a bulletproof new outfit, and it’s just like what happened in ‘Batman Begins.’ Though in that movie it made more sense. So there you have it; The Dork Knight Rises.

Barbara Kean is alive again! And no one is really surprised. No one dies for very long in Gotham. They come back, usually with a swank new hairdo, and possibly super powers. Well Barbara’s got the new haircut, but as yet hasn’t developed any powers. But Ivy’s another story. She started out as a weird twelve-year-old, got killed, then resurrected as a hot twenty-year old with seduction powers. Which was child-porn creepy. And in this episode, Ivy drinks enough chemicals to kill an elephant, but instead of dying, she begins to change again. That’s the cliffhanger. But I’m guessing she gets plant powers. In the comics, Poison Ivy could kill or mesmerize you with a kiss, AND control plants. Let’s see if I’m right.  STAY TUNED!!!

LAST WORDS: Tabitha and Selina reluctantly go to work for Barbara, who is now a high-tech arms dealer. Where’d she get the money for that? I guess the Grim Reaper is a sugar daddy… And Bruce’s new outfit has a Batman-like cowl, without the pointy ears and cape.  So in one of the episode’s final shots, you see this lanky Sixteen-year-old kid, in costume, looking out over his city.  How A-Dork-Able…