STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – To Trek or not to Trek, that is the question….

REVIEW: Star Trek: Discovery

This show set its phasers on fun. And I really did enjoy the first hour of Star Trek: Discovery. (The Free Hour) I know I’m the DC Comics TV and Movie Man. But I’m also a big Trek fan. I’ve watched Star Trek: the original series, Next Generation, Deep Space Nine, Voyager, and a lot of Enterprise, which was my least favorite series. And I’ve seen all of the films, in the theater, even the bad ones. So, as a fan, I was a bit skeptical about this new TV version. When the first images were released, I wasn’t onboard with yet another version of the Klingon race.   And I thought that their new costumes looked like Marching Band uniforms. But the first episode won me over. Though I still think the uniforms look ‘meh’, but I’m getting used to them. Maybe in season two they’ll be redesigned.   It happened on Star Trek: Next generation.

In case you don’t already know; Discovery takes place ten years before the original series, with Kirk, Spock, and McCoy. Though due to advancements in Special Effects and audience tech knowledge, things look a lot more advanced than they did in the 1966 Star Trek series. They even conduct long-range communications via hologram, which was always more of a Star Wars thing. And there’s a cool looking robot on the bridge that reminds me of a high-tech and much cooler version of Tweeky from Buck Rodgers, or Alpha from the Power Rangers. There are also more advanced looking space suits that have jet packs, allowing you to space walk or fly through space, no ship required.

And speaking of ships; they’ve been re-designed for the better too. Though we didn’t see the new starship ‘Discovery’ in episode one. Which probably means that they ship they’re on now, The Shenzhou, gets destroyed by the Klingons. And gone are the old-school Klingon Birds of Prey, which is a good thing.  The new Klingon ships look like floating battleships. They are big, bulky and more imposing, much like the actual Klingons themselves. And in an interesting twist, we see Klingon racism. The Klingons we see in episode one have very dark skin, along with more exaggerated ridges on their bald heads. But we meet a white Klingon, possibly an albino, who’s fighting to be accepted, despite the color of his skin. Color me interested.

The main character in Discovery is not the Captain, it’s the first officer. Michael Burnham, played by Sonequa Martin-Green, is a headstrong, to heck with the rules, First Officer. So much so, that when the Captain disregards her suggestion to shoot first and ask questions later, Burnham attempts a mutiny. Having grown up an orphan on Vulcan, she learned how to use the Vulcan nerve pinch. And she uses it to incapacitate the Captain so that she can order the crew to fire on the Klingons. Though the Klingons at that point haven’t fired on the Shenzhou. But the Captain revives in time to stop Burnham. In fact, she revived so fast, I’m guessing that being a non-Vulcan, Burnham didn’t do the neck pinch quite right. Because whenever Spock does it, that person is down for the count.

When the episode begins, Michael Burnham discovers a strange Ship hiding in a debris field. She goes to investigate in her jet-powered space suit and discovers that it is a Klingon ship. A Klingon attacks Burnham, but in the struggle the Klingon is killed. And I’m guessing that this is going to trigger a war between the Klingons and The Federation. Because the Klingon ship sends out a distress call, and by episode’s end, an entire Klingon armada shows up. And it looks like they are ready to fight. But Michael Burnham is in the brig for Mutiny. And as yet, Federation reinforcements have not arrived. So the episode ends on a cliffhanger: The lone Federation ship is facing off against a swarm of Klingon battleships. Plus, on a personal note, we find out that Klingons killed Burnham’s parents when she was a child. YIKES! That’s a pretty big coincidence.

But if you want to see what happens, you’ll need to pay for CBS All Access, the network’s new streaming service. The first episode of Discovery was aired on network TV for free, to entice you to sign up for the pay service. And their strategy seems to be working. The premiere of Star Trek: Discovery triggered a record number of single day signups for the CBS’ digital streaming service.

Will hardcore Trek fans like the show? I did. But I think a number of devout fans may not because of the changes in style and Star Trek cannon. They may also resent having to pay for a streaming service just to see Discovery. After all, there are no other shows like it on CBS All Access. So do you pay for the service just to get your Star Trek fix? I guess time will tell.

Long Beach Comic Con: COSPLAY

I needed a break from floods and fires, so I took a trip to Long Beach Comic Con.  And it was fun to escape reality for a few hours and take in all the sights.  Yes, I’m talking about you my Cosplay compadres. You never disappoint.  I took my camera along so you all could see what I saw.  Hope you enjoy!  Long Beach Comic Con is September 2nd and 3rd at the Long Beach Convention Center.  If you missed it this time around, connect with them on Facebook and you’ll receive info about the next one. Always a good time!!! Continue reading

THE FLASH Has Big News: Now This is a Stretch!

Ralph Dibny, The Elongated Man, is bringing his elasticity to Central City in Season four of The Flash.   In DC Comics, Ralph is a fast-talking Private Investigator by day, and the costumed vigilante, The Elongated Man, by night. Ralph has the ability to stretch his body into almost any shape or form. In the comics, Ralph is a very fun character. So lets hope he brings that element to The Flash, which was a little too dark and foreboding most of last Season. Whether it was Iris’ impending doom, the death of Cisco’s brother due to Flashpoint, or Caitlin’s villainous turn, the show took on an Arrow-like vibe that definitely wasn’t fun. Soap Opera Star, Hartley Sawyer, will play Ralph Dibny. And just for the record, the character stretches like Mister Fantastic of the Fantastic Four, but the Elongated Man was created a year earlier, so he’s not a rip-off.

At San Diego Comic-Con, the producers promised that season four of the Flash would have a lighter tone, which is fine by me. Gotham and Arrow are dark enough, and I always liked that The Flash was a bright spot mid-week. So hopefully, the addition of Ralph Dibny is an elongated step in the right direction. But with an entrance comes an exit, and it looks like Julian either leaves Team Flash, or he’s already gone. So Caitlin will again be without a boyfriend. And hopefully they won’t try to shoehorn her into yet another relationship this season. In the comics, Ralph is married, so he’s off limits. So let’s let Caitlin re-discover who she is, now that is also part Killer Frost. Stay tuned!!!!

STAR TREK: DISCOVERY – Are the Fans Onboard?

Star Trek is coming back to television in September, sort of…   Star Trek: Discovery premieres Sunday, September 24th, on CBS. But that’s all you’re getting for free. Like a cunning Ferengi narcotics peddler, the plan is to get you hooked on the pilot, for free, and then ‘sell’ you the rest of the series on CBS All Access. But are fans going to be onboard with that?   I know fans of Star Trek are devoted because I am one. But if you already pay for Cable, Netflix, and HBO, the thought of paying, even more, may take the ‘prosper’ out of the Vulcan phrase; Live Long And Prosper.   And what about this new show? How does it stack up? Continue reading

San Diego Comic-Con 2017: Warner Bros Goes All Out WIth DC Films & More!

Hello, fans of DC Comics! The Warner Bros showed up in Hall H dressed to impress!

Their video presentation was awe inspiring, as they surrounded you with WB goodness. Steven Spielberg made a rare Comic-Con appearance, introducing us to the cast of ‘Ready Player One’, and dropping a drool-inducing trailer on us.   Then an impressive hologram of Jared Leto beamed in to introduce us to the new ‘Blade Runner 2049’, while Harrison Ford and Ryan Gosling showed up in real life. Jason Mamoa, jogged through the thrilled crowd carrying a trident, to promote ‘Aquaman’, which is filming now. And the rest of the Justice League took to the stage, minus Superman, and knocked us out with their epic new trailer. That was a morning to remember. Continue reading


If you’re fan of DC Heroes, Fun, and food, or any combination of the three, you need to go to Six Flags Magic Mountain in Los Angeles. You can visit the legendary City of Metropolis, home of Superman, and visit the Hall Of Justice. Oh Yeah! And believe me when I say that standing in front of the iconic Hall of Justice is like stepping back into your childhood. As a life-long Justice League fan, it was like actually being a Super Friend. You just can’t help but strike a heroic pose! Capes are optional, but I had mine on. And if need be, you can buy one at the local Superhero store. Continue reading

ANIME EXPO 2017: My Way!

I know I’m usually the guy that’s all about the DC Nation, but I got my start, as a writer, working in anime.  I wrote the English scripts for a show called AMBASSADOR MAGMA. It was a twelve episode series about a giant golden robot, with long flowing blonde hair, who fought the forces of evil.  With the help of a little boy of course. I wrote six episodes of that giant robot series, and also wrote the two-part finale for ULTRAMAN – THE ULTIMATE HERO.  He was another giant superhero who fought evil.  There were a lot of giants fighting monsters back then.  But I digress. Every now and then I like to revisit my anime roots at a quaint little gathering called Anime Expo.  I’m kidding, of course, Anime Expo was the huge anime extravaganza at the Los Angeles Convention Center that took place over the long July 4th weekend. There was Cosplay, cool panels, artist, celebrities, and a huge exhibit hall where they sold all things anime.  It was awesome!  And since it’s a slow news day, I thought I’d show you some pictures I took before my camera died.  Enjoy, and get tickets for next year.  It’s worth it. Continue reading

GOTHAM Recap: “A Dark Knight Rises”

Where’s the justice? Well apparently, it’s not in Gotham. Remember how Lee injected herself with the virus sample she stole from the GCPD? Sure you do. Then she kidnapped and infected Jim and stopped him from disarming the doomsday bomb. Allowing the bomb to detonate and the virus to spread, infecting hundreds of innocent people. Those people wrecked havoc on the city, killed people, and then a lot of them were killed by the GCPD. Well by episode’s end, Jim cures Lee and himself, and then Lee leaves town, no questions asked. Forget the innocent lives lost and the millions in property damage caused by the anarchy, Lee saunters off as if nothing happened, with no mention of her hand in any of this. That’s Gotham justice. Continue reading