It’s a Bird! It’s a Plane! It’s the CW’s new SUPERMAN!

Superman/Clark Kent will do more then a casual flyby in season two of Supergirl.  He’ll actually show up in the first two episodes, which I’m guessing will be a two-parter.   And he’ll be played by this guy, Tyler Hoechlin!  He’s a ‘Teen Wolf’ alum, and he’s appeared in the films ‘Everybody Wants Some’ and ‘Road to Perdition.’  Shave him up and he looks the part to me. And the Producers are talking him up… Continue reading

SUPERGIRL NEWS: Superman to appear in Season 2.

Wow! Superman/Clark Kent will finally appear on Supergirl,  and not just his shadow or his boots. It will actually be the genuine article.  That was one of the main flaws of season one on CBS. They kept talking about Kara’s cousin Superman, but he was painfully absent, even though one of the show’s themes in season one was family.  But now in season two, which will be on the CW, he’ll make an appearance in the first two episodes.  And while I know the series is about Supergirl, it just makes sense that her only living relative would provide advice and superhero support when needed.  And who knows, this may open the door for Lois as well. Wouldn’t it be cool to see Cat Grant and Lois Lane go head-to-head? I wonder if Superman’s appearance will have something to do with the mysterious Kryptonian ship the crashed outside of National City in the finale. We still don’t know who/what was inside.  STAY TUNED!!!! Continue reading

Batman v Superman: Ultimate Edition Trailer – With New Footage

As you may or may not know, the Batman v Superman Ultimate Edition Blu-ray comes with 30 minutes of new footage, along with a ton of extras.  It will also be rated “R”!  It’s the Director’s cut, and I can’t wait to see it.  Now, while I did like the movie, it did seem to be missing elements of the story, along with joy and hope.  Lets keep our fingers crossed that this new extended version corrects those mistakes.  And most importantly, this alleged ‘Man of Steel’ sequel was missing the Man of Steel.  Superman/Clark only had 42 lines of dialogue in the film.  But now in the trailer, we get to see glimpses of Superman in action; we see him stopping a missile in Africa, and there’s a cool scene of him flying off after the Washington bombing.  We see more of Lois and Clark being reporters.  So Superman appears to be back in this Superman movie. And we see Jenna Malone’s character, though who she is, still isn’t clear.   And more importantly,the trailer feels brighter, and a little more hopeful.  Check it out!


ARROW Season Finale Recap: “Schism”

Arrow-Season-4-CostumeAccording to Felicity, a “Schism” is when you are at war with two sides of yourself. At least that’s what she tells Oliver. To kill or not to kill, that seems to be the question. According to Amanda Waller, who appears in the weekly flashback, Justice requires killing. But then again, Waller’s moral compass has always skewed toward the darker side of things. That’s what got her killed. And in the flashback, Oliver snapped the neck of his female partner: The totem infected her, and she pleaded with Oliver to kill her, before she kills. So what is Oliver to do now, in the present? When he went from the Arrow, to the Green Arrow, he swore he wouldn’t kill. But if he had killed Damien Darhk when he had the chance, Laurel Lance would still be alive. And the ten thousand residents of Havenrock, who died in Darhk’s nuclear blast, would be alive too. It is a dilemma.   And it’s one that Oliver knows he’ll have to face, if he isn’t killed himself. Continue reading

THE FLASH Recap: “Season Finale – Unmasked”

Henry, Barry’s father, was being killed by Zoom last week. And this week’s episode starts moments later. A tearful Barry watches Henry die, then he launches at Zoom, ready to kill him for what he’s done. But Zoom will not go down easily, and the two race through Central City, locked in combat. Then Zoom breaks away from Barry and is able to make a copy of himself, a time remnant. So now there are two Zooms. Barry catches one, and though he’s angry enough to kill, he’s still hero enough not to. So he doesn’t kill Zoom, but the other Zoom does. He wanted Barry to kill his time remnant, to push him over to the dark side. And when Barry didn’t kill the remnant, Zoom had to. I guess those are the rules. There can’t be two of you for very long, so if you make a copy of yourself you have to be willing to kill it. That’s gruesome. But Zoom did it once before, when he was pretending to be good-guy Jay Garrick. Zoom killed Jay in front of Team Flash. It was a fake-out to instill fear and hopelessness, and it worked. Continue reading

GOTHAM Recap: “Finale”

Well Gotham ended out the season by setting up for next season. The episode itself revolved around a ticking time-bomb that you pretty much know isn’t going to explode. In fact, Jim and Lucius, by sheer dumb luck, stop the detonation with ‘one second’ to spare. How cliché is that? It’s so cliché that the film ‘Galaxy Quest’ spoofed that very scenario back in 1999. It was laughable seventeen years ago, and it’s just bad storytelling now. There was no suspense created, or anxiety felt. It was just a devise that served to pass time, allowing all of Hugo Strange’s villains the opportunity to get away. Well almost all, Clayface was at the Gotham Police Department pretending to be Jim Gordon, badly. He was caught, and I assumed locked up. But Firefly, Mister Freeze, Fish Mooney, and a host of unseen others, are now walking the streets of Gotham. There was even an evil version of Bruce Wayne in the batch. He looked like a Goth version of Bruce with an Edward Scissorhands wig on. They made a point of clearly showing his face, so he’ll be a player next year, at some point taking the real Bruce Wayne’s place no doubt. Continue reading

ARROW Recap: “Lost In The Flood”

Remember when the nuclear bomb hit Havenrock and killed about ten thousand people? Well their deaths power-up Damien Darhk’s magic totem, thus giving Darhk God-like power. And since Oliver knew this via his time with the totem on the island, why do Green Arrow and Spartan attack a God-like Darhk with arrows and bullets. Those didn’t work BEFORE Darhk got the power-up, and they sure as heck don’t work now. Darhk vaporizes the projectiles without moving a finger. But luckily for Oliver and Diggle, Darhk’s not in a killing mood. So he just knocks them around a bit, content to let the next wave of nukes fry them like an egg. And yes, Diggle’s superhero name is Spartan, in case you forgot. I’m going to start using it more often because I forget sometimes too. And then when someone in the show calls him Spartan it throws me off for a second.  So John Diggle is Spartan… Sparten, Spartan, Spartan. Continue reading


DC-TV is alive and well on the CW.  In October, the new season will launch with DC Comics-related shows debuting in the 8pm hour, Monday through Thursday (Pacific Time).  The only DC property missing is ‘i Zombie’, but don’t panic, it will return mid-season and continue it’s brain-chomping escapades. And if we’re lucky, in December there will be a huge crossover event that will encompass  all 4 shows; Supergirl, Flash, Arrow, and Legends!  So stay tuned! Continue reading

The Flash Recap: “Meta-pocalypse”

Barry’s back, he’s got super speed, and a new ‘walking-on-sunshine’ attitude. Which is disturbing because the entire city is under attack from Zoom’s Meta-human army, and things are looking pretty grim. Team Flash is concerned because Barry is woefully overconfident, and he has no real reason to be. There is no proof that The Flash can actually beat Zoom, or his hoard of evil minions. But Barry believes that the speed force is on his side, so he’s feeling invincible. And though the speed force did appear to favor good over evil, in Barry’s surreal vision, it didn’t indicate that it would intervene, or that Barry’s life would be trouble-free. In fact, the speed force spoke about tragedy coming Barry’s way that even the Flash can’t outrun. And by the end of this episode, a tragedy does occur that could change Barry forever. Continue reading

GOTHAM Recap: “A Legion of Horribles”

Gotham is always changing. Is it a police drama, or a gangster tale, a campy 60’s style television show, or a science fiction horror story? You tune in each week and you’re never sure what you’re going to get. Well this week it was more Frankenstein than Felony, with a dash of 1960 ridiculousness mixed in. Fish Mooney is alive again, even though she’s been dead for months. They did it with Theo Galavan, so why not crank up the juice on dead Fish, cross her DNA with that of a Cuttlefish, and see what happens. And not only is she alive, she’s got a new hair-do and a sleek new outfit that makes her look like an aquatic dominatrix. And if that isn’t loopy enough, she’s also got a new super power. She can touch people and make them do her bidding. ‘Holy harebrained plot devices Batman! Who thought that made sense?’ Continue reading