Gamescom SONY News: Day 1!


Gamescom day one has just wrapped up which means there has been some major news announced today. Gamescom is one of the bigger game conferences out there taking place in Cologne, Germany. With the rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, now is a critical time for Microsoft to either catch up or fall by the wayside

Microsoft took the stage first with the annual press conference. They made some pretty big announcements. Of course, in good old Sony fashion, they answered back with some big announcements of their own.



PlayStation 4 reaches 10 million!

In just nine months, Sony has managed to sell over 10 Million PlayStation 4’s!!!! This is an amazing feat. What a way to open their conference!


“The Tomorrow Children”

“The Tomorrow Children” is a 3D game from Q Games. On the surface, it looks like a bigger version of “Minecraft”, but it is so much more than that. Players team up to build what looks like a civilization to fight a dictator. Check out the trailer here.



Mike Bithell announced a game called “Volume”. He went on to say that “Volume” is influenced by “Metal Gear Solid’s” steal. Check out the trailer here (credit GameTrailers).


“DayZ” coming to PS4

Being as vuage as possible, Dean hall of Bohemia Interactive took the stage to announce that DayZ is coming to the PS4, without stating a release date, or window. Lets hope this actually becomes reality.


Of course, a large portion of Sony’s press conference was spent talking about destiny. According to GameStop, “Destiny” Is the most pre-ordered IP of all time. That is pretty impressive.

destiny_by_ecodigital-d5vuqdx“FarCry 4” key system.

Back at E3, it was announced that you would be able to play “FarCry 4” even if you didn’t own it. Just as long as you played with a friend that owned a copy. Well, it may not be what you think. This was explained during the Sony press conference. If you buy “FarCry 4” on PlayStation 4, you will receive 10 keys kyrt that can be given to your friends on PSN. Your friends can redeem these keys and will be able to play co-op even though they don’t own the game.
As with everything, here is the catch. Co-op will be limited to only two hours of gameplay per key. These co-op sessions will not contribute to single player either.


PS4 Firmware 2.0 coming.

YouTube integration is coming to PS4. In the 2.0 firmware update, PS4 users will be able to upload game clips straight to their YouTube channel. The biggest feature coming though is Share Play. Share Play will let you share your controller virtually. What that means is if player A owns a game and need some help, he can ask person B for help. He would share play with him and player B will be able to play his game, as long as both players are PlayStation Plus subscribers. This will even allow for cooperative game play. The non-game owner will have to download the game first.


Have you ever wanted to play a have as a human? Well too bad. That’s the norm now. Thanks to Wild Sheep Studios, in their game “Wild”, you will be able to play as a human…or any other living creature inside the game. If you think it sounds cool, check out the trailer here.

Gamescom MICROSOFT News: Day 1!

Gamescom day one has just wrapped up which means there has been some major news announced today. Gamescom is one of the biggest game conferences out there taking place in Cologne, Germany. With the rivalry between Microsoft and Sony, now is a critical time for Microsoft to either catch up or fall to the wayside.

Microsoft took the stage first with the annual press conference. They made some pretty big announcements. Of course, in good old Sony fashion, they answered back with some announcements of their own.



Xbox One Bundles.

            With the current gen of consoles out for almost a year now, we have yet to see any bundles or alternate versions yet. Luckily that will change soon.

The Xbox One will get some options later this year. If you are a Call of Duty (COD) person, you can look forward to the “Call of Duty: Advance Warfare” bundle that will cost $499. It will include a copy of the game in digital form. The bundle will also come with a custom controller and two-tone skin for the Xbox. Oh, did I forget to mention a 1TB hard drive? YES! The first console to ship with 1TB hard drive will be a variant of the Xbox one. How cool is that? The “Advance Warfare” console will be worldwide on November 3rd.Untitled


If COD is not your type of game, don’t worry. There’s more choices for you. If you have or want an Xbox One, I’m sure the game “Sunset Overdrive” has played some sort of role in that (Check out gameplay here). Well, there is a bundle for that too, however very minimal. You’ll get a white, glossy Xbox One, a white controller, and a digital version of Sunset Overdrive along with extra weapons and player outfits for the game. It will cost $399 and will be released the same day as the game. October 28th.sunset


If you are a European, then you get one more Xbox One option. Since Football (soccer) is so popular with the rest of the world, you can pick up the “FIFA 15” bundle. This bundle will come with the standard 500GB hard drive and a digital copy of “FIFA 15” for $399.99. This bundle will be available September 25th.


Note: None of these bundles come with the Kinect. Weird considering how much the Kinect was pushed just a year ago.


Microsoft Backing Indie

            If you remember at E3, Microsoft came out at one point with Microsoft ID. It’s their way to push indie developers and help get more indie games to the Xbox. Well, it seems this is one decision Microsoft hasn’t changed their mind about. Microsoft has announced more indie titles for Xbox One. Big titles. Titles like “CupHead,” “Fruit Ninja Kinect 2,” “Ghost of a Tale,” “Inside,” “Plague Inc. Evolved,” “Smite,” “Below” and “Goat Simulator.” They even showed off a game onstage called “Superhot”. It is a spin on the FPS (First person shooter) genre. Time only moves when you move giving you the opportunity to stop and plan out ahead. You can check out a montage of the Microsoft ID segment right here.



            With the delay of “Evolve”, you could literally hear hearts break including mine. Don’t fret because in January of 2015, if you own an Xbox one, you can get access to the Beta.


Rise of the Tomb Raider

            If you have not heart yet, “Rise of the Tomb Raider”, the follow up to the massively successful “Tomb Raider” will be an Xbox exclusive. For some reason, this set off a bunch of people. On the Crystal Dynamics’ Tumblr blog, they said “Rise of the Tomb Raider” is coming Holiday 2015, exclusively on the Xbox”. The problem is that people can’t figure out if it is just a timed exclusive or if Microsoft managed to nab it for console exclusivity in the middle of the series, which is a really rare thing to happen.


ScreamRide for Xbox One and 360

            In “RollerCoaster Tycoon”, oh wait. What I mean to say is in “ScreamRide” Players are able to build the thrill rides that they’ve always wanted to. Be carful. They might or might not make it to the end alive. A gameplay trailer of “ScreamRide” can be found here.



The Obligatory Halo Announcement

            This year at Gamescom, the “Halo Channel” was announced. Described as your home for everything “Halo”, the app will be used to track multiplayer and single player progress. It will also house the “Halo” programs like “Forward unto Dawn” and “Nightfall”. Available for the Xbox One and the PC, the Halo Channel will allow players to seamlessly jump between “Halo: Master Chief Collection” matches to watching “Halo” programming to even your stats. The announcement of partnering with twitch for streaming but not many details were given. Finally, “Halo: Master Chief Collection” will include the beta for “Halo 5: Guardians”, which will be running from December 29th to January 18th, players will be able to play on several maps and three different game modes, with 11 armor variants and 11 different weapons.


With only day one over, we still have 3 more days. Make sure to check back with us for the rest of the wrap ups.

XBOX ONE To Stream to Mobile Phone and Tablet!



Microsoft is kicking off its press event at Gamescom today by announcing some significant improvements to the TV experience for Xbox One owners. Preview users will soon get access to a streaming TV feature on the Xbox One, allowing you to watch TV on a Windows, iOS, or Android phone or tablet using the SmartGlass app on a home network. Microsoft says the streaming TV feature will be available initially in countries where its digital TV tuner will be available, so it looks like the US might have to wait to stream TV.

Other improvements in an upcoming Xbox One dashboard update include the ability to boot the console straight to TV, a live TV mini guide at the bottom of the screen to change channels, and a new media player that supports content from USB devices or via DLNA. Microsoft is also adding threaded messages, a Snap Center to improve side-by-side apps with games, and a new friends section so you needn’t open the dedicated app as frequently. All the updates will be made available to preview users later this month, and to all Xbox One owners over the coming months.

From: The Verge

Announcing a New STAR WARS Game by Fantasy Flight Games!

Fantasy Flight Games has announced a new game in their Star Wars Universe! Star Wars: Armada.


Players will take charge of either the Rebel Alliance or the Imperial Navy as you get to battle in an all out space war on an epic scale. You’ll get to command squadrons of fighters, freighters, and even Imperial-Class Destroyers in this X-Wing inspired miniatures game.


ArmadaGamePlayLayout Assemble-Your-Fleet Battle-For-Victory

Check out more details here!

(Note: This is NOT X-Wing. This is a completely new game.)

From Fantasy Flight Games

Star Wars: Armada is an epic two-player game of tactical fleet battles in the Star Wars universe. Massive Star Destroyers fly to battle against Rebel corvettes and frigates. Banks of turbolasers unleash torrential volleys of fire against squadrons of X-wing and TIEs. As Rebel and Imperial fleets collide, it is your job to issue the commands that will decide the course of battle and, ultimately, the fate of the galaxy.