Zoe Lister-Jones Used All Female Crew To Make Band-Aid

After the premiere of Band-Aid, which she wrote and directed, Zoe Lister-Jones took the stage at Sundance and introduced her crew. The entire behind the scenes team of Band-Aid was made up of women. Lister-Jones has frequently partnered with men, including Daryl Wein who makes a cameo in Band-Aid and executive produces still. Lister-Jones just wanted to use the opportunity of her first film to create positions for women in the industry.

“Hiring all women was incredible,” Lister-Jones said. “It is not an indictment of men by any means. For me it was just about creating opportunities for women in departments where they’re not often given them and also fostering an environment where we could be our most confident and creative selves.”

Band-Aid stars Lister-Jones and Adam Pally as a married couple struggling to recover from a family loss. They turn their fights into songs which actually improves their marriage, and makes the audience laugh. Lister-Jones continued to explain how much something as simple as giving women crew jobs on a film set can do for equality.

“I do think that regardless of whether or not it’s intentional, we are living in a patriarchy,” she said. “That’s intentional but the men who are brought up in this patriarchy, I think they don’t even realize when it can be difficult for a woman’s voice to be heard when she is so under represented. So I wanted to just subvert that system and make sure every woman’s voice was heard.”