JOYSTIQ Shutting Down! Details Inside.

For me, I love to peruse through my favorite game news websites for any tidbit of information that I can find. They don’t even need to be real news; some of the random things that I see posted are just hilarious.


One of the sites I visited was Unfortunately, the digital gods of AOL have decided to put the kibosh on its successful website. This means about 13 staffers are set to look for new jobs, according to Game Politics.

Screen Shot 2015-02-01 at 9.12.49 PM

The official word


And that’s not the only site going down. WoW Insider and Massively are set to close its virtual doors as well. It’s not a pretty sight to see fellow journalists’ sites go down, and we wish everyone that was affected well wishes in their future.




Sources say that the final day for these sites will be February 3rd.