DC ON TV: How Do They Rate?

Show business is a business, so lets see our favorite shows are doing in the ratings. Now the ratings determine how many people are watching, and how many of those people are in the coveted 18 to 49 age group. Advertisers like to target that group, so the higher the ratings, the more the networks can charge for commercials. That’s why low rated shows are cancelled, and higher rated shows get renewed. So here’s how our DC favorites are doing. (I’ll throw Riverdale and Supernatural in the mix also.)


THE SHOW:                18-49 Rating share               Viewers (Millions)

THE FLASH:                 1.1/4                                      4.08

LUCIFER:                     0.9/3                                      3.33

GOTHAM:                    0.8/3                                      2.69

RIVERDALE                 0.8/3                                      2.30

SUPERNATURAL           0.7/3                                      2.10

ARROW                       0.6/2                                      1.57

SUPERGIRL                  0.5/2                                      1.87


So the numbers for this season are a little low, even for the CW. But don’t panic just yet. JUST START WATCHING AGAIN! Most of these shows just premiered, so a lot of viewers obviously haven’t re-discovered them yet. And while The Flash is on top of the ratings heap, and in no danger, these are still low number for a season premiere. While Riverdale’s numbers are actually higher than they’ve been, so good news for Riverdale. (And Archie’s Dad did survive the finale shooting. Yeah I watch)

LAST WORDS: Those of you who watch via DVR, those rating are calculated too, but at a later date. So some shows will get a ratings boost when those numbers are factored in.