Running Out Of Energy? Use Your Body As An Energy Source!

The Higher Learning is reporting that a graduate student has creatively found a solution to the world’s energy crisis…and you don’t have to do a thing except wear jewelry.


But it’s the nature of this jewelry that could be disconcerting to people. It’s an invasive, 3 piece jewelry set that uses your own bloodstream to generate energy. While some may be squeamish about this, it certainly raises eyes at the notion of using our own life force to spin a small, magnetic turbine to generate and store energy. Simply put, your blood becomes the “water” in a traditional hydroelectric plant, only micro sized.


From the Israeli graduate Naomi Kizhner¬†website, it appears as though there’s a forearm piece that houses the mini generator, a back piece that probably stores the energy, and a brow piece that serves as the conduit for the energy.


What do you think? Is this where our technology should head? Would you want to be able to charge your own cel phone using your own blood energy?