Reminder! Our TWITCH Event Starts Tomorrow!

Please join us for our 24 hour Twitch event starting at 10 am tomorrow (Friday) and ending at 10 am on Saturday! We’re going to be playing a multitude of games including Destiny, Portal, Borderlands 2, Rock Band and so on! We are also going to have a bake off and you can watch as we eat the treasures!


Here’s all the information for tomorrow’s event!

Here’s the link



Check our upcoming Twitch Event! September 26-27!

As Nerd Report, we are always looking to create unique content for our site. Right now, we have been preparing and planning for our first ever Twitch 24 hour Event!


We are proud to announce this event as it will give you the audience a chance to watch and get to know our crew members. All we ask is that you join us for the event, whether by PC, Mac, Xbox 360, Xbox One, PS4, PS3, mobile devices, and tablets! You can pretty much access us from anywhere and all we ask is is your support.


On September 26-27 we will stream from 10am-10am. We will play a myriad of games and we’ll gladly take requests! Don’t miss it!