Team America: World Police Blu-ray Review

teamamericaTrey Parker and Matt Stone’s Team America: World Police gave us such memorable songs as “America, F*** Yeah!” and “Everyone Has AIDS,” which people still quote today. It’s hard to believe the film is over 10 years old, and has taken this long to come to Blu-ray, but it was worth the wait.

The picture looks beautiful as you see all the detail in the miniature sets constructed for the marionette puppets. It really looks like the puppets are occupying real spaces, and the depth of those sets looks almost three dimensional in HD, without even being a 3D movie.

What gives the film an even more impressive look is that it was still shot on film in 2004. So being transferred to Blu-ray, it still looks like the kind of image that was captured on film. Since the whole movie is a spoof of overblown Hollywood action movies, this really makes the Blu-ray look like the kinds of movies it was skewering.

The Blu-ray is the theatrical version of Team America. If you ever saw the unrated DVD, you’ll remember the puppet sex scene went even further. So there’s no HD puppet scat or pearl necklace, and unfortunately there are no bonus features, but to see the original version of Team America: World Police looking this good makes it worth owning.