Fast X Collector’s Edition Review: 2 Bonus 2 Features

Fast X came home to DVD, Blu-ray and 4K UHD this week. Whether you enjoy the basic or the highest quality format, or somewhere in between, the bonus features contain an impressive amount of materials for a modern movie.

35 minutes for a behind the scenes feature is a lot for a new release. It was standard in the heyday of DVD but now it’s a luxury. Add in the additional shorter features and there’s around 75 minutes of extra material. Perhaps all the new characters Fast X added, letting each one of the actors introduce their roles adds up.

The amount of screens you see on location is always a little disheartening. Even Dom’s house has a big blue screen in the backyard. But, the location footage shows a lot of legitimate practical work on the streets of Rome and the freeway chase in Portugal. Of course wires are always painted out and there are other effects, but they were in the field.

There’s even more on specific scenes because director Louis Leterrier loves bonus features. Perhaps we have him to thank for pushing Universal to make Fast X a proper special edition.