Heroes Reborn Roundtable: Jimmy Jean-Louis on The Haitian’s Return

The Haitian was one of Heroes’ most mysterious characters. Saying nothing and hovering around in the background, The Haitian had the power to wipe people’s memories. HRG (Jack Coleman) used him to cover up witness accounts of special powers, and even his own memory in the powerful episode “Company Man.”

The Haitian is back on Heroes Reborn. It’s been five years since Heroes went off the air and five years have passed in the world of Heroes. We sat in a roundtable interview with Jimmy Jean-Louis at Comic-Con to find out what’s happening for The Haitian when we reunite with him Thursday at 8 PM on NBC.

Nerd Report: Did you ever think you’d see The Haitian again?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: I always see The Haitian every day. I live with him. Well, there was always some hope. Just because we knew that we didn’t end the show. If the show had to come back somehow, I had a feeling that The Haitian was one of the characters that could always come back because he wasn’t really explored. He’s still quite mysterious for the audience, so yes, the fact that Tim brought back Heroes and brought back The Haitian made me feel happy.

Q: What’s different for The Haitian in Heroes Reborn?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: Obviously things have changed. He still works with, well, I still have a lot of scenes with HRG, but somehow we’re not as friendly as we used to be with each other. It’s one of those shows where you can’t speak about anything.

Nerd Report: Does it feel like the same show?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: I guess it is the same show. As far as I’m concerned, I’m still working with exactly the same people whether it’s HRG, Tim [Kring] and then of course we have a new director and new DP and all those things, and new location as well which is Toronto. Essentially, once you start wearing the clothes and starting to say some of his lines, yeah, it is definitely the same show but obviously the story evolved quite a bit and as Tim was saying, now the heroes are being hunted, versus the opposite. I think it might surprise quite a few people.

Nerd Report: Is The Haitian involved in bringing back returning heroes?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: I don’t know how much I can say about that. I think that’s a question for Tim. Basically, his power, he’s able to either illuminate them or bring them back. So to some level, yes, it’s a question for Tim.

Q: Will new audience members have trouble following what’s going on?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: I don’t think so. I don’t think you actually have to. Of course, if you know about the first run of Heroes, it’s better. It’s more fulfilling. But at the same time, anybody can just jump right in and understand what’s going on.

Q: What super power would you like to have?

Jimmy Jean-Louis: I don’t mind the one I have. It’s quite juicy. I like what I have. I like the power that I have in the show. Other than that, maybe flying would be quite interesting because it allows you to have that sense of the freedom and just do whatever you want whenever you want. I think being able to fly is pretty cool.