Vision Quest Blu-ray Review

I’m surprised Vision Quest isn’t more talked about in conversations about ’80s movies. It is so quintessentially ’80s. It’s a sports movie full of training montages. It’s got Madonna, Journey, Berlin and more on the soundtrack. It’s about believing in yourself against all odds which is what we were sold throughout the ‘80s.

I only discovered Vision Quest on DVD so that’s 1998/99 at the earliest. I fortunately had the chance to see it on film thanks to the New Beverly Cinema, and now Warner Archive has produced manufactured on demand Blu-Rays of the film.

Man, if you’re a fan of Vision Quest, get your hands on this. It maintains the look I got to witness in a theater with strong grain. The wrestling gyms are bright red or yellow. The streets, basements and kitchens look raw and real.

The only bonus features are trailers, green and red band. The only difference is the red band shows Louden (Matthew Modine) smelling Carla (Linda Fiorentino)’s panties. Guess you can’t screen that trailer before The Goonies or something.