The Mega Man games have been a veritable juggernaut in the video game industry. From its humble beginnings on the Nintendo Entertainment System to the newly announced Mega Man 11, the franchise has brought its unique gameplay to fans for over 30 years. But recently Capcom announced on their twitter account that the second set of Mega Man games collections is coming to US shores.


Announcing the Mega Man X Collection Set 1 and 2!


The Mega Man Collection Set 1 will cover the Mega Man X games, originally featured on the Super Nintendo Entertainment System and Playstation consoles, from the original (X) to the fourth iteration (X4). The second collection, featured originally on the Playstation, Playstation 2, and Windows platofrms, will feature the fifth iteration (X5) to the eighth (X8).

This time, the company is planning on releasing both collections on the Playstation 4, XBox One, PC, and Nintendo Switch this July 24th and plans to have a ton of extras. From art books, to a widescreen mode, to a fully rendered 3D mode to even a dual boss fighting mode, it looks like the franchise is looking to appease the classic audience and bring in a whole new one in time for the Mega Man 11 release. In addition, there’s the The Day of Σ movie that was originally in the Maverick Hunter X game that explores the origin of the antagonist Sigma and the Mavericks.


Could Monster Hunter World be Capcom’s shining beacon of light?

It seems to be so. The release of Monster Hunter World has returned some massive numbers. Famitsu, a company that tracks Japanese retail sales, has recorded that the game sold more than 1.35 million copies in its first weekend release. Maybe it’s the fact that it was the first major console release of the game since the first Monster Hunter or maybe it’s the streamlining of the game mechanics that make it easier for newcomers to approach. Regardless of what it is, the formula has definitely worked.

Video game fans are at least familiar with the Monster Hunter franchise. Starting back in 2004 on the Playstation 2, it wasn’t a spectacular game, but received fair reviews. Its core loop of kill monsters, loot monsters, build better gear only to kill bigger monsters did well enough for the game that it spawned 3 sequels before Monster Hunter World.

Monster Hunter started humbly on Playstation 2 in 2004.

But not even a month into the release and Capcom is not only declaring Monster Hunter World the fastest selling game of the series, it has set a new record of fastest selling Capcom game of all time! Considering the company has some heavy hitter franchises in Street Fighter, Resident Evil, and Mega Man, a franchise as young as Monster Hunter is giving Capcom the breath of fresh air it needed. As of Monday, February 12, the company has announced that Monster Hunter World has broken the 6 million sales mark, which includes digital and physical media. It’s also no surprise that the game was the top selling game on PSN for the month of January.


It released on January 26.


Personally, I love the game. It’s not the best game of all time in my book, but the core loop of the game just makes me want to play all the time.

Monster Hunter World is currently out on Playstation 4, Xbox One, and Microsoft Windows.

MIGHTY NO. 9 Gets Its English Voice Actors!

If you’ve been following the Mighty No. 9 Project, I talk a great deal about it here. I noted that the project is complete and that it’s getting its final touches before its release.


But…it was just announced that Mighty No. 9 has its primary voice cast! The voices are:
Mighty No. 1 Pyrogen: Matt Mercer (Attack on Titan)


Mighty No. 2 Cryosphere: Paige King (Mass Effect 3, Fallout: New Vegas)


Mighty No. 3 Dynatron: Jan Johns (Fallout 3)


Mighty No. 4 Seismic: Fred Tatasciore (Monsters vs. Aliens, Kung Fu Panda)


Mighty No. 5 Battalion: Brian. T. Delaney (Mad, Hot in Cleveland)


Mighty No. 6 Aviator: Mick Wingert (Kung Fu Panda)


Mighty No. 7 Brandish: JP Karliak (Hulk and the Agents of S.M.A.S.H.)


Mighty No. 8 Countershade: Steve Blum (Cowboy Bebop, Big O)



And finally…the star of the show:

Mighty No. 9 Beck: Yuri Lowenthal (Ben 10, Naruto)



Following that cast are some of the other voice actors:
Call: Julie Nathanson
Dr. White: Jason Spisak
Dr. Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Seijiro Sanda: Dave Wittenberg
Mr. Graham: Scott Whyte
Dr. Blackwell: Bob Joles

More can be read here!



I’d like to introduce to you a segment that I hope to see grow in strength and numbers as time goes on.  This is a segment conceived by Roberto Reynoso and then bounced around between the two of us.  For now, it seems appropriate to title it “The HD I Want to See” because that about sums up what the article is about, plus it’s all catchy and rhymey.  Wibbly wobbly, timey wimey.


First off, why HD remake at all?  Well, I think the most concise answer is that there is an audience for it.  As gamers, we look back fondly on the games we played in our youth and sometimes we want to go back and play those games again.  We long for the good old days but are then met by restrictions of plugging in older consoles after considerably dusting them off.  Or worse, we’re so used to the newer generation that we can’t stand to deal with the old generation for long because we have become spoiled with new graphics and controls.


An HD remake allows us to re-explore our old love from the comfort of our new love.  Our Sega Genesis game can be fully functional on an Xbox One and we lose no sleep over it unless we feel particularly nitpicky.  Like the fog in Silent Hill 2.  Seriously guys, the fog made it..


Now is the part of the article where I’m going to have to ask you to put your nostalgia glasses on for a bit, or at least to try and look through mine as I explain why Megaman Legends deserves an HD remake.  I would be inclined to drop a spoiler message here but the game is from 1997 so if you haven’t played it by now I’m pretty sure I won’t be ruining your day with this article.


Megaman has had a long and celebrated history here in the states.  Sequel after sequel and robot masters galore, followed by the impressive and dark storylines of Megaman X.  I personally cite X4 as one of my favorite playstation games due to the exploration of Zero as a character and the complexity of the Mavericks and Sigma’s boss forms.


When I first got Megaman Legends, I bought it on name alone.  Everything about it just looked great.  It was a large world to explore with refreshing character designs for Megaman and Roll.  Nothing about the box art prepared me for just how much fun I was going to have.


See, Megaman Legends did something new for the franchise.  It was an RPG first off and it had some elements of an open world sandbox too.  The graphics at the time, for Playstation 1, were beautifully done and the enemy AI was programmed well enough to give you some decent trouble along your way through dungeons.  Again though, this was an RPG and that is what made Megaman Legends so unique and fun to play.


You had a weapon crafting system that was probably the most rewarding of all.  You would find one or two pieces and bring them to Roll and voila, a new gun or other helpful item.  You could upgrade your weapons using Zenny collected from the various Reaverbots that you fought and destroyed.  I remember making using of the Vacuum Arm and a high powered Buster to farm Zenny in a specific dungeon and that was probably my first introduction to my future in playing MMOs.


You had a lot of interactions to experience too.  There was an artist who also curated at a museum and was always so excited to get donations of items you found dungeon crawling.  There was the Mayor who needed donations to rebuild the town after certain destructive attacks (Monteriggioni?  Anyone?) There was the police force who were just incompetent enough to need your help when the Bonne family was wreaking havoc.  And the Bonne family!  The romantic tension between Tron and Megaman, coupled with the fact that Tron had an obligation to her family but was simultaneously confused by these strange feelings for the Blue Boy, I loved it so much.  Add in the childhood friend romantic subplot between Megaman and Roll and you had just enough of a love story to capitalize on those feelings without having to distract from the main story of the game.


So how do we remake it into HD?  Well, for starters, a graphical update.  Part of Megaman Legends’ appeal was the cute character design that didn’t stray too far from realism.  Translating this into 3D would be very easy nowadays and could be achieved with great success.  I’m thinking of some Guilty Gear Xrd type of artwork personally but I know there are plenty of ways to do it.


I’d like to see Kattelox island actually made much larger, with more ruins and more places to explore.  I don’t so much mind the idea of creating new characters that weren’t there before because the chance for larger story is now available.  I would fully embrace using “Skyrim Clone” as a model for building this game up into something epic.  That museum curator could now have a rival museum that she’s competing with and there could be different rewards from both museums making your decisions of who to donate to that much more important to consider.


The weapons and upgrading system could be expanded now that the island is bigger.  Add in all new weapons that hadn’t existed before.  New upgrades or more effective ones at least.  A full on driving mechanic could be introduced for the armored vehicle you obtain early in game.  Rather than just using it as a fast travel system you could now travel in real time and explore the island.


The Reaverbots could see considerable improvements with this remake.  Much of their design, and there were many different designs, had a campy sort of children’s feel to it, like a big dumb Frankenstein who is just scary enough to feel threatening.  Some had more of a menacing tone, like the giant wolf Reaverbots or the Scyther looking ones, and there’s a definite unnerving aspect to the cold, unfeeling robot eye that all Reaverbots have.


Story wise, I think it would be good to see an expansion of not only the town’s history but of the world’s.  We’re left wondering how this world became covered in water (further investigation online leads to you the information that Legends’ timeline is many centuries after the X and Zero timelines.) and how the Reaverbots and ruins came into creation.  The revelation of Megaman Juno at the end of the game does help to explain some of this but I think that in game narrative could be done better.  Research notes found in ruins, ancient texts deciphered from the walls, old data logs that are recovered and made sense of.  Megaman Juno’s part in the game seemed only to be not only one of the hardest bosses to fight but also to shoe-horn in the rest of the story.  Why not play around with teasing the history of the world to the player?


Overall I think that bringing Megaman Legends into the current gen of gaming consoles would be a fun endeavour if not a lucrative one.  While Megaman Legends did have a sequel, it was sadly left at a huge cliffhanger for the proposed Megaman Legends 3 that would have answered so many questions.  I think that the events of Megaman Legends 2 and the subsequent planned ideas for 3 would make for amazing DLC purchases that would be worth every penny you paid and create a massive world to enjoy for hours on end.


Did you have a favorite part of Megaman Legends?  Is there something I missed that would be a great selling point for a remake?  Let me know in the comments.

MIGHTY NO. 9 Is Complete! Details Inside!

Way back in 2010, Capcom’s Global Head of Production, Keiji Inafune announced he was planning on leaving Capcom to “start his life over”.


For people that aren’t familiar with Keiji Inafune, he had been at Capcom for over 20 years, co-created and illustrated the iconic Mega Man, and has gone on to produce projects Onimusha and Dead Rising among other projects. He’s certainly a major force in the video game industry and his departure stunned the video game community to its core.


Fast forward to 2013. Inafume finally shows up into the spotlight by Kickstarting a project known as Mighty No. 9 under a new company called Comcept. In it, the designer happily shows concept art and gameplay snippets that sent the Kickstarter way over its $900,000 goal to a whopping $3.8 million!

Last year, Inafume treated us with yet another big video highlighting the little guy in action from E3.

Now we are excited to announce that Comcept has announced the completion of Mighty No. 9!, Nintendo Life, and Cinema Blend are all announcing that Inafume is “nearly complete” with the game and that it plans to ship in April this new year!

Mighty No. 9 is set in a computer virus-laden violent robot world where one heroic non-infected robot named Beck, uses his abilities to defeat robots and acquire their powers to defeat…other virus-laden violent robots.


Sound familiar? I didn’t think so. 😛


Here’s the latest video just released by Inafume, wishing up a Happy New Year:

Here’s some more cool images of the little guy and his enemies:

MIGHTYNo9 Mighty_No._9_logo mighty-no-9-1 Mighty-No.-9-21 mightyno1 mightyno2 mightyno3 mightyno4 mightyno5 mightyno6 mightyno7 mightyno8 MightyNo9-2 mightyNo9enemy