LAFF Review: Sensitivity Training is Real Anger Management

Adam Sandler made a movie called Anger Management that wasn’t really about anger management. He played a soft spoken character who was sent to anger management through a crazy misunderstanding. This is real anger management, someone who needs it and is hilarious about it.

Dr. Serena Wolfe (Anna Lise Phillips) is a brilliant researcher with poor people skills. After some insensitive remarks put her in hot water at work, Serena is required to take sensitivity training. Carolyn Sanders (Jill E. Alexander) is hands on. In addition to therapy sessions, she shadows Serena to correct behavior on the fly.

I can see why Serena conflicts with people but her attitude is endearing. She is completely honest and has the conviction of her beliefs. Carolyn is right that there are better ways to express them, but at least Serena knows what she believes in and isn’t worried about catering to others.

She made me laugh immediately doing the math on a birthday card sentiment, correcting grammar in bed and being unphased by a tragedy. Shushing people in a movie theater does make her a bigger disturbance than the original talkers so I’m glad the movie addressed that.

I relate to all the annoyances Serena lashes out against, but I’m more like Carolyn who lets it go. Pedestrians not looking, maintenance noise, time wasters, people who put on a voice to talk to children and animals, loud music we can hear through your headphones, it’s all valid but just too exhausting of you let it all get to you. I do like purple and “that’s what she said” jokes but I’ll allow Serena her issues.

When Serena learns to be happy, Phillips is infectious. The bond she and Carolyn form is sincere and a great example to set for viewers. Serena is able to benefit from sensitivity training without compromising her integrity.

I wish Sensitivity Training all the success they can have after LAFF. It is genuinely funny and the performances by Phillips and Alexander deserve to be seen.